Diary Archives

Sunday, June 13, 2004
Just saw some great films at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. Yesterday went to an all day seminar given by a young man who made his first feature called, "Brother to Brother". All impressive – him, his film, his journey there. Inspiring. Okay, next we will tackle a feature.
I’ve taken to giving Chelsea haircuts using three different scissors. In fact, they dull pretty quickly. It’s not because I’m cheap as someone accused me, but Chelsea is quite fussy about her cuts andshe’s fed up of leaving a groomer looking too masculine or lopsided. I have an artist hand and she’s demanded I do this for her. So what can I say. Not much choice in the matter. I do wish I had an electric buzzer. Sometimes it’s nerve racking trying to get close with scissors. Her paws are hopeless. She doesn’t like me going near them at all and is constantly jerking them away. That’s not cool when you have a sharp instrument in your hand. So, I will definitely be hitting a groomer soon to clean in between her paws and even her out. I’m just concerned by how they handle the face. Anyone have any great plans for the summer. Chelsea and I will head probably in September to New Hampshire to hang with her nannies… well, really it’s her step parents and step sister Roxy and step brother Nathaniel. In the meantime, we’d like an invite out to Fire Island and Sag Harbour. So if you’re fun and normal and want some company.. or have a spare room to rent, please let us know.

Wednesday, May 18, 2004
Chelsea had her teeth clean yesterday. Her teeth are squeaky clean but she is a mess. She is still out of it. Can barely move. Dragging her feet and her tail is mopping the floor. She looks dazed. I don’t like seeing her like this. It concerns me. And she has a pitch meeting today. What am I going to do? I start want to cancel the meeting because they are hard to come by. The vet’s assistance promised me yesterday that she would be spunky the end of yesterday. Even after I warned them that she is highly sensitive to anesthesia. I hate putting her under. I had a woman in Los Angeles who cleaned her teeth without putting her out. If you know anyone in New York who does this, please let me know.
On love… met another unavailable guy. What’s his story? Unhappily married for 23 years, separated for two. But the ex-wife is not the problem. It’s another woman. An unhappily married woman who is having an affair with. She’s a billionaire and I’m not saying that to impress you. He told me they weren’t having sex now because . well, I better not tell more here. It’s a sticky situation with all the spouses. He’s quite good looking and smart and I entertained the idea of him being a sperm donor. Yes, I did suggest it but he didn’t rise to the occasion you might say. So I let it slide and he’ll slip into a friendship. Friends are so important. But is there anyone out there who is available that will toot my horn and Chelsea’s and wants a committed relationship and family?
Sailing. I decided to take up sailing and last week went out on a boat with strangers. Responded to ad on the Internet from someone looking for a racing crew. He took me out for a test, eventhough I have no experience. Not ready for this competitive thing, especially out in wet, cold, raining nights. All the races are midweek at night. But perhaps after some practice I will be ready. They are heading out tonight without me. I can’t make it. I will look for other opportunities to go sailing. I much prefer to learn and have a more leisure experience. So if you have a sailboat and you’re not a serial murderer or rapist and a kind-hearted soul and want some company sailing, email me. Can Chelsea come if she wears a life jacket?
Met Shirley MacLaine the other day. She wrote a book called Out on Leash, which are conversations with her dog. I was told to show her my dogamentary. Her publicist took a liking to both me and the film and wanted us to meet so we did at a press conference she was having. We spoke briefly because she was being interviewed individually by many journalists. She listened and looked intently into my eyes when I spoke. I love when you have someone’s full attention and you know you are connecting with him or her. Have you ever been someone who can’t look at your eyes and darts theirs around when you are talking to them? It’s so unnerving. My Indian friend does it but I don’t hold it against him, I only bust his chops.
Okay, time to get back to work. I’m hungry. What time is it? 10:13.
All our love – Gayle and Chelsea

Monday, May 10, 2004

It’s been so long since our last entry. I hope you don’t think we abandoned you. There’s no excuse. We’ve been busy, okay? Our trip to California went great. Chelsea and I saw many of our friends and got to show them what we’ve been working on the last couple of years. Our work was received with accolades and we left feeling great. We realized how many wonderful friends we left behind in California but we were both happy to be back in NY. If only we could transplant our friends here.
Mom was up for the weekend for Mother’s Day. She’s doing pretty really well. We must have walked five miles today. Not bad for a woman who is nearly … she wouldn’t appreciate if I mentioned her age. No one would ever guess it. I hope I have her energy and smarts when I’m her age.
Chelsea’s best friend Roxy is heading off to their summerhouse in New Hampshire this summer. She’d like to go but she doesn’t want to leave me… and I feel the same way so we shall see. Maybe we will negotiate a trip for her.
On the romance side not much to report. Seem to be running into unavailable men. You know men who are unhappily married but can’t get out of the marriage. I started to make a list of how many men friends I have who are in loveless/sexless marriages. What’s going on? What do I know? I’m not an expert on long term relationships. I did notice an interesting pattern among some of my former single 50 something grumpy single men friends in LA. Three of them have found and married Asian women… Indonesian, Thai, and Korean. In two cases the women are more than 30 years younger. And the women have them wrapped around their fingers. Is this a father/daughter thing? Does that matter as long as they are happy? No, what’s in age anyway? I just love seeing couples who are happy together and loving and supportive. On that note, I tried to find an old boyfriend of mine when we were in LA. Roger Huddleston has been married to a wonderful woman named Ann for years. Couldn’t and still can’t find them. If anyone knows them and their whereabouts, please let us know.
Time to say good-bye for now. Wishing you all our best.

Monday, April 5, 2004
We’re getting packed and ready for our California trip.
This is our first time back to California since we moved in 2000. We’re pretty excited about seeing our friends. It’s been a long time.
Chelsea and I are a bit anxious about the flight. Ever since 9/11 she’s not been too keen on flying. Even taking over my seat doesn’t seem to comfort her. We even tried first class. She wants out.. out of the plane and back on land. We are probably going to try a light nerve relaxer, perhaps she’ll want a stiff drink before we take off. Whatever she wants, she gets. You know how that goes.
The other thing which is getting us a bit nuts is the prospect of fleas. Chelsea and I were tortured by fleas when we lived there. One flea and she is eaten alive and I’m busy bombing, washing, killing. And then there is quiet until we go out and she picks up another. I have so much anticipation about this. I hate to see her scratching knowing what’s lurking under her hair.
Other than all those neuroses kicking in, we are thrilled to head west. We have started working on the DVD. Last week we shot Albert Maysles, the legendary documentarian (Gimme Shelter, Let it Be, Grey Gardens). He’s in our film and even shot some of it, the pet therapy portion. Well, he hadn’t seen the movie and Chelsea and I were both nervous to show it to him since he such a purist about documentaries. He doesn’t believe you should know the camera is there and doesn’t even like music in films. Well, our film, A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY isn’t even a true documentary. It goes against all his rule and we were or I should say, I was a bit anxious that he would hate it. So, we decided to capture his first impressions on tape no matter what they were. We sat him down, wired him up and put on headsets and recorded him as he watched the film for the first time. He laughed here and there and gave repeated thumbs up motions. Okay, was he just being kind? Then I sat him down and interviewed him. Then we sat down and did my interview. Thank God we had a make up artist. It’s not that long since we finished shooting the film and I never had make up on --and now I’ve become a secret wrinkle watcher. I have Loreal to thank for maintaining my hair color.
BTW, I had just written about two more paragraphs and my computer crashed and they went bye-bye. You are lucky. I was really beginning to ramble on.
Be well!


Thursday,March 4, 2004
Chelsea…so what’s going on in her life these days. As I’ve been having to spend much time out, she’s been hanging lots with Roxy, the doggie on the fifth floor. Roxy has a wonderful family, a sister cat and two mommys. But Chelsea has lost her waistline. She’s becoming chubby. How can a Shih Tzu Diva blimp out? Easy, she’s a food addict. No, is not in her vocabulary when it comes to food. No is in her vocabulary when I ask her put away her toys or look at me when I’m photographing her. The only way the starlet will give me that million dollar look is if I have food in my hand. Bribery is alive and well. When she is at home I have control over what she eats and doesn’t eat. Chelsea has a way of looking at a person and getting what she wants. I say she is an expert manipulator. Look at me. I’ve given up my career in television to launch Her career. Spent the last 3 years making a movie, getting press, creating a Chelsea product line, making a website… Does it sound like I’m complaining? Sorry. So back to her weight. How do I control what people feed her when she is not with me? I’ve decided it’s next to impossible. What do I do? Does she stay home alone or hang out with Roxy and eat more than she should? Yes, I’ve told the lovely Mommys about Chelsea increasing waistline but they tell me they don’t feed her much. How could that be? Oy! I love the Mommys and Roxy. They’ve become good friends to me, too. Got any ideas? Exercise her more? Okay, this café is getting packed and I must wrap it up and head home to my boss, my star, my Shih Tzu Diva, Chelsea.

Sunday, February 22, 2004
Chelsea and I have just discovered a neat café in the village. They have large windows, old wooden tables, descent food and a couple of outlets to plug in your laptop. Chelsea and I arrived here at 8AM to secure one of the two window seats (plug is next to them). Chelsea is tucked away in her bag and they just let me know talking on a cell phone is not allowed. That was my cue to hang up the phone. Then they let the guy know who was sitting in a table diagonally in front me that he couldn’t be plugged in to the outlet because the wire was running across the floor. He shut down, turned around and looked at me, checking out to see if I was getting ready to leave. I wasn’t so he turned back and took out his paper. In ten minutes he was gone. My cell phone rang; thank god it was on vibrate so I only knew it ringing. I rang outside quickly and answered the phone. I can’t blame them for not allowing cell phone use. It is quite annoying when people come into a café and start using it as their office. You might say, I use it as my office too, organizing my thoughts, writing, preparing emails, working on the website and making an occasional call. But there is nothing more annoying than a loud person yapping on a cell phone filling your sound space.

What else is cookin here? How about love? Here’s a story connected with an ex. You might say it didn’t end well but we found ourselves in the same crowded elevator facing each other. There was no where else to look. He was all smiles and I had a face filled with terror he said. I meekly said hello and tempted a smile. Before I knew it he phoned. I didn’t pick up. You might say he shattered my trust of him and I wasn’t eager to rekindle any relationship. But he attempted a few times more. And I finally decided to call him back. We had a long conversation rehashing the past, the good and the bad. Conversation ended. Then the next night I got stood up by a date…well not quite stood up but the date called a half an hour before we were suppose to meet and cancelled. So, in the spirit of friendliness and in the mood for company, I called up my ex and suggested we meet for dinner. He jumped at the offer. We rendezvous and shared a French meal together. It took me a while to warm up to him. He had done a great job shattering all my trust in him accusing me of stealing from him…And what do you think it was he thought I stole? … the cap to his vibrator which he used to relief himself of headaches. Why would I steal the cap? If I was a thief, wouldn’t I steal the entire vibrator? Well, this accusation went on and on and no matter what I said he was still suspicious of me so much that we got to a point that there was nothing left between us. I said good-bye and never wanted to see him again. But as fate has it, here we were facing each other again. So, now what? I don’t know. I certainly don’t have those feelings of love and lust for him anymore. Can I again? Hmm? Questionable, very doubtful. But I do enjoy certain things about him. His appreciation of my sense of humor. He gets it and laughs. His kindness to Chelsea. She’s a bit lukewarm towards him. In fact, when he came back to my place to have tea, Chelsea started having a sneezing spell. It got so bad I thought she was going to throw up and even began thinking I might have to rush her to the emergency room. Needless to say, all my attention was turned to her and he knew it was time for him to leave. Once he was out the door, she completely stopped sneezing. Is this a message from her? Keep this guy far away. He is trouble?
Let me leave this entry with helpful hints for single women.
Stay away from men who are separated but are not divorced, stay way from men who say they are going to call on a certain day to finalize plans and they don’t, stay away from men who cancel a date a half hour before complaining that they are suddenly sick, stay way from men who choose to hang out with their mother and her friends before you. Fill your life with loving friends and activities you enjoy and bring you fulfillment.
Hugs Gayle, Licks, Chelsea

Monday, February 16, 2004
Happy Valentines Day everyone. Chelsea and I had a fabulous weekend. Firstly, we received several Valentines cards and gifts, all unexpectedly. Thank you! Part of the weekend we spent with an out of town guest. Once our guest left we took the New Jersey transit to visit cousins. We thought we were going out for the evening and would return Saturday night. Neither of us had our tooth brush or pajamas or a change of clothing. Once we got there, the two little kids were ecstatic about meeting the Shih Tzu Diva. They played many games and Chelsea was in her element -- a large house, fully carpet with lots of running around room and hiding spots. The hours were passing by and it was apparent that no one was ready to say good-bye and rushing to make the last train of the night. So we ended up crashing there. We threw some pillows on the floor and bundled up and caught some sleep. By morning the house was hopping with kids and adults. Chelsea heard all the voices and was wagging her tail and eager for me to let her out of the room we were in so she could start mingling again. She is such a social butterfly. My little diva girl desperately wants a family. She is fed up with singlehood. On that note, we had another blind date. Nice guy, funny, smart, English but has no desire for a family. And then when we meet a family guy he is not a match for one reason or another. Oy! If there is a God, please send us Chelsea’s future dad and father of her siblings. On the movie side, we just got an offer from a distributor. We’ll keep you posted on all developments.

We wish you all the best and thanks for your emails and support.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Just a quickie. Chelsea and I were on CBS Early show yesterday. Ira Joel Fisher, the sweet weatherman did our interview. He held her for the interview and was concerned afterwards that she didn’t like him. "Yes, she does, Ira Joel. She told me herself!" Thanks for the interview.
What else is going on? It’s been really cold in New York and Chelsea has been wearing her booties each time we head out. Definitely helps. Protects her from the salt and the cold. She’s been spending lots of time with her best friend Roxy and she has me working hard on her career. She now wants me to write a book with her. Okay, I’ll be setting the alarm for 5AM. She keeps me on my feet.
We send all our love. Please write. Gotta go!

Saturday, January 3, 2004

Happy New Year everyone! I miss Chelsea terribly. We’ve gone our separate ways for this holiday. I’m up in Banff, Canada in the Canadian Rockies. It’s absolutely spectacular. There is one problem. It’s FREEZING! Today it’s 35 below Celsius. I hit the slopes yesterday and after two hours ended up with frostbite on my toes. Although Chelsea loves the snow I doubt she would be thrilled about the temperature. Today, I’m staying in and just looking outside at the winter wonderland. I’m alone now but had spent the first week with my friend and his daughter. He never says no to her. I love to watch a three-year old manipulate her dad. I learned so much from her. She learned less from me. Just a few expressions like "Uh, oh, spaghetti-o"... and this one I stole from a commercial. I learned how to cry until I got what I want. And how to say "Baby don't speak" when I don't want to answer a question. All in all it was a treat to be around the both of them. I’m convinced they are Eskimos. Both didn’t seem to be affected by the cold. She ran around most of the time without a hat, scarf and gloves, sometimes she ran out without her coat. Me, you don’t want to know. I had so many layers on and the only piece of flesh you would see were my eyelids. When we’d come in and I’d take off my layers including a mask and scarf, my nose was bright red. Theirs was not even pink and they were constantly exposed to the bitter cold. Oh, well, I’ll just have to limit my time outside. If only it was 25 degrees warmer.
I haven’t seen Chelsea in 8 days. I wonder how her vacation has been with Roxy back in New York. Did they have good weather? I ended up in a remote mountain resort in the middle of nowhere for New Years. Felt completely safe from any terrorist threats but often thought about New York and my little princess. Time to get back to work. Work? I’m on holiday you’re saying. It’s fun work like reading, writing, etc. Hugs to all! I’m back in NY in a couple of days.

Oh, before I forget. If you want to get away and go to the wilderness and stay in a romantic, rustic, quaint, upscale lodge then go to Num Ti Jah Lodge. It’s in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Check out their website, www.num-ti-jah.com and tell Lee, the Innkeeper, I sent you. It’s right on a lake. During the winter it’s frozen and you can go cross country skiing and snow shoeing. And summer there is even more to do.


Sunday, December 21, 2003
Last night Chelsea and I had a small gathering to celebrate my b-day. We invited over 20 people and half showed up. It was a small, intimate, cozy night. We hung and chatted till quite late. I hung Xmas lights, burned candles and we drank wine and noshed. Roxy came over to hang with Chelsea. Birthdays. What do you do on your birthday? Are you single? It’s an interesting occasion. Chelsea and I look forward to having a family to celebrate this with… you know a loved one and human baby and another canine child.
New York is quiet. I think many people left on Friday for the holidays. The way Xmas and New Years falls this year, it looks like people are taking 2 weeks off. Not bad. Chelsea and I are going our separate ways this holiday. I’m off to ski in Banff, Canada. It’s been over two years since I had skis on and I’m in horrible shape. Remember, thin doesn’t mean fit. So, I’m joining a gym and going to work hard as possible to tone up, stretch my tight muscles and get my heart beating faster. Chelsea and I climb one set of stairs and we are both huffing and puffing. I went yesterday to the gym and stretched and lifted and then jumped into the Jacuzzi. I arrived with horrible lower back pains and left painless. Not bad. I could live with going there on a regular basis.
Today, Chelsea and I met three Bisons. The mother and her two kids. The mother was 20 years old and one kid was 15 and the other 10 years old. They were all in great shape. I couldn’t believe how great the mother was at 20 years old. I asked the human mom what she is doing. She said nothing that it could be genetics. I was so happy. I can’t imagine life without Chelsea. Whenever we get an email telling us about the loss of someone’s doggie, it touches both of us, sometimes to the point of tears. Who would have ever thought that hearing about the death of ones dog has such a great affect on a stranger? Sometimes more than then news of the death of human loved one. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Our canines are companions that no human can be. Anyway, we have to write our holiday email and get it out to all of you. Have a great holiday season and happy New Year!

Tuesday-December 16, 2003

Sorry once again for a long silence.
Just got news that Brad Van Nostrand died in a car crash on Thanksgiving.
Brad is in the movie in a charming scene in Times Square. He holds Chelsea and I encourage him to kiss her and he gives her an air kiss at which point I say, "No, a real kiss." He says, "What, tongue?!" "Yes" and I push her head towards him. She turns her head and looks at the camera and he says, "This is the best lover I’ve had a in long time." Brad came to the cast and crew screening. It was the second time I met him. He was a warm, lovely man. The Broadway community loved him. Brad had a business promoting Broadway shows and did that in front of Tickets Tickets. He was a very generous, giving soul. When Chelsea and I were doing a dogamentary fundraiser at Biscuits and Bath he handed out flyers for us. We send our condolences to all his loved ones. He was just 40 years old.
Life. We must live each day to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Friday- November 28, 2003

Please don’t be offended if you come into my life and I don’t write about you in this diary and please don’t be offended if I do.
On that note. I met a very sweet man and his daughter when I was down in Florida. I was eager to get on the water and took Chelsea and hopped on a water taxi. We were the first ones on and then a few others joined… older women. And then I tall, lean, man got on holding his young daughter. They went out back just like the rest of the people. But it was a hot day and Chelsea was in a big. They didn’t allow me to take her out so we stayed inside where there was air condition. I, of course, had Chelsea’s head sticking out. She is an eye catcher. An older woman stopped and started talking to me and I filled her in who Chelsea really is… a Star. and passed on the info about her upcoming movie. Then she continued on to join her friend who was outside. Before not too long, the man and his daughter came back in and he told me she wanted to see the doggie. So they sat down next to Chelsea and we started talking. I soon learned he was there alone on holiday with her and they didn’t have a car. After chit chatting for a while he asked me if I wanted to join them to go the beach. I thought, why not. I didn’t really have any plans but I was concerned that Chelsea wouldn’t be allowed on the beach and I didn’t want to keep her in the bag to suffocate. We got off and headed to the beach and sure enough, Chelsea was not allowed on. I suggested that we walk to where my car was parked and hang out the pool where I was staying. I was a lovely little place on one of the canals and boats were docked there. It was small and charming. His daughter was very sweet but didn’t say a word. He told me she was a chatterbox but clamed up around strangers. And then she was afraid to touch Chelsea. We headed to my place and hung out around the pool. They went in and Chelsea roamed the grounds. It’s a very dog-friendly place. We had a pleasant afternoon and I took them back to their hotel. We had lunch together the next day and I headed off to stay with my folks further up the coast. He’s become a friend via phone and email. Doesn’t live in my neck of the woods… a few states away and although he is separated from his wife, they haven’t divorced yet. Caution… I’m not one of those women who finds myself drawn towards unavailable men. Trouble. But one of the things, which are so attractive about him, is his maternal instincts and devotion to his daughter. I think I spend too much time around men who look at children as a nuisance and a distraction. I definitely am drawn towards men who are fatherly…no, not with me but with their child. I actually dated someone years ago. We were not well matched and I hesitated getting involved with him for those reasons but after a year of being friends and his persistence I gave him. He was a single dad and I love how he was with his child. Unfortunately, the rest just didn’t work. Next time, it’s gotta be the total package. . me, the kid and great compatibility.

Chelsea and I spent it apart. She was invited to Jane and Theresa’s, her stepparents, where she spends lots of time hanging and playing with Roxy.
I went out to Long Island and shared it with my friend Doug and his family. Doug and I went to high school together but lost touch since then and connected again after a reunion last year. He is an emergency room doctor in Michigan so most of our friendship is on the phone but he is a true friend and a sweetheart. His folks are fun, engaging and dynamite. In fact, we played a little Jewish geography and found out that my dear friend’s father and my cousin were Doug’s father’s competitors when he was working… they manufactured women’s lingerie. There was another family there. Doug’s first cousin, Steve and his wife, Stephanie and their two kids. Stephanie is a novelist. Her first book is called "Thoughts while having Sex". Talk about a catchy title. And she has second novel coming out which sounds like a sequel. This sounds like a must read. Boy, I have so many books on my list to read. Why is there never enough time in the day to do all which we want. Perhaps we should make shorter "to do" list so we can complete them.
Okay, must get back to work. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday- November 23, 2003
Got out of town this weekend. Went to Buck’s County, PA to visit friends. Beautiful home. Actually formerly a barn which was converted. Straight out of a Architectural Digest. Chelsea had quite a time running around. Acres of beautiful green grass, which at certain points were soaked…, like a swamp. She didn’t seem to mind. I have an idea for a new pet outfit for all those low rise dogs, like Chelsea. You know those rubber pants and boots that fishermen wear when they go fly-fishing? How about something similar for dogs? They slip into this combo boots/pants get up which stay on with elastic over the back. Now, your little one can go frolic in the wet, morning grass and not get drenched. Or head out in the snow. How about the dirty, mushy snow in the city, and be protected from the filth and wetness. So, if you are reading this and you are handy with the sewing machine… contact me and we’ll make a prototype and get this out to market.
What else is going on? We’ve had a gorgeous weekend in New York. Unseasonably warm. Chelsea is visiting Roxy, her stepsister. I’m out at a café typing away, getting some work done.
Thanksgiving is just a few days away. And before you know it Christmas will be here and so will my birthday. What a terrible thought. I think the worse thing about being single is the holidays and your birthday if you haven’t made plans. What are we doing? Don’t know yet. Would be nice to go skiing. Chelsea prefers snowboarding. But don’t think we’ll end up on the slopes for the holiday. Have you ever just slept through New Years? Yes, we have… more than once. Boy, we sound antisocial. We’re not, I’m mean, we’re not all the time. If you’ve got any thing going on which we might enjoy, let us know.
Men… any news in this department? Let’s see. Not much to share. If I never got out on another blind date in my life, I’d be very content. If it weren’t for Chelsea, I’d give up. But she nudges me and sometimes I feel the pressure of a tight deadline. She does NOT want to live alone anymore. She WANTS a family and that means not just ME. BUT I keep telling her, she has full schedule with her budding career and if a man comes into our life whom we care about, then that’s great. She keeps telling me I have to go out and look or stay in and do internet dating. That’s another subject. Have you ever done internet dating? I bet you have met some nice people, some of whom might have become friends, people you normally would have never met because your paths would never cross. I’m sure you also have some stories of men or women who looked nothing like their profile or who talked about themselves non-stop or who thought you were there next spouse and you’re wondering what you have in common. Okay, write, say hi to us, sign the guestbook. We’ll write back. Have a great day!!


Sunday- November 9, 2003
I know so much time has passed since the last entry. Chelsea has been keeping me very busy and now she has become a real prima donna when we are flying. She used to be content to be economy just as long as she and I were with each other. Now she is creating a raucous and wants out… she wants first class. So she cries and scratches to get out of her Sherpa bag. It use to be if I took her out and put her on my lap and covered her with a blanket she was happy. Now, she refuses to settle down even on my lap. Looking forward towards first class, economy is just not satisfying her. And you know some flight attendants are not happy if they find your canine master on your lap. The days of relaxing on a flight with my Shih Tzu are over… that is until we fly first class, whenever that happens.
Chelsea was featured on a local TV show in Florida. But she is ready to sue the station. They made a huge mistake. The kind of mistake which can ruin a young starlet’s career. They start the segment off saying 13 year old Shih Tzu Chelsea. 13 years old??!!!! What are they talking about? Chelsea weighs 13 pounds. She is NOT 13 years old. So, what do you think we should do?

What else? It’s getting really cold in NY. Chelsea has been hanging out a lot with her step sister, Roxy and her step parents. They have a huge beautiful apartment and she gets to play tag and eat homecook meals. Sometimes she brings me a doggie bag if I’m good.

Gotta go! So much to do. Wishing you all the best.


Thursday- September 24, 2003

Now for the Howard Stern update. How did I get on the show in the first place and why did I want to go on? I’ve been told when my hair is down I look like him.. Okay, not everyone feels that way but it’s been said more than once. So, I had a publicist who had a photographer take a picture of me with my hair down, wearing dark glasses and headphones. The picture can be seen at She mailed it in saying I was the "Only female Howard Stern Impersonator". Didn’t know that’s what she told them. If you look at the picture you will see there is some similarity. On more than one occasion I flashed the picture and people thought it was him. So, they called and invited me to come in. She told them about our movie and they said I could plug it. We went in. I went in looking like I did in the picture. (By the way, I never wear my hair down because I don’t find it becoming) Gary asked me if I really did impersonations of Howard. I was a bit embarrassed and responded, "No". They knew I was there to plug something.
Chelsea and I were there by 6 AM and we got to wait in this room which had pictures of the most unusual characters. You know the kind of guests he often has. One was a photo of a fat, unattractive man wearing bikini briefs on the streets. I was wondering where my photo with Chelsea would fit in. The studio is on 57th street on the 14th floor with a great view of the city. I hadn’t listened to Howard in a few years and hadn’t seen the E show in about that same amount of time. When I accidentally bumped into Robin in the Ladies Room I was shocked to see how thin and gorgeous she looked.
By 7:30 AM Howard was announcing on the radio that a woman claims she is his impersonator but he knows I’m there to plug something and agree to let me come in. I grabbed Chelsea and went in. Howard was a bit hostile at first. He didn’t’ think I looked like him… maybe just a bit. Robin mentioned she had run into me and thought I was an attractive woman. Howard agreed. He seemed a bit impatient and just wanted me to do my plug and move on. So I did. Once I told him that an element of my movie is my quest for a husband he asked how old I was. "40 Something" I responded. "Have you ever been married?" he asked. "No" "What’s your longest relationship?" he continued questioning. "Three years," I answered feeling humbled. "You’ll never get married. You’re too uppidy. No one is good enough for you. You want someone like Martin Scorcese but you’d drive him crazy. You need a regular guy?" And then Art in the back said, "Like me" I responded, "This is depressing." Robin who as you know sits in a glass booth which was right next to where I was standing. She looked at me and said, "Why do you want to get married?" Robin’s not married. I said that Chelsea and I wanted a family. Then Howard said, "You’re from Long Island." "Yes, it takes one to know one," I responded. The banter continued a bit longer. He asked me where I got the money for the movie. And saw that I was a television producer. Quite honestly he was looking at me with a smile and I think Robin and Howard might have felt like I was one of them. There were really no harsh comments other than Howard’s initial aggressiveness. When he saw that I produced for Rosie O’Donnell he tried to get some dirt on her. He ambushes her at every chance. But I didn’t want to go down that road. They wished me luck and Chelsea and I said good-bye wearing everything I can in wearing. I know Howard can be a real prick on the air but my sense is he is a really kind person. Chelsea and I’d like to get to know him. Perhaps we will.
Okay, the Howard Stern aftermath have been emails from a variety of people. I was offered marriage by a radio guy in Australia and then told my another I was f---ing Jew. And emails still float in from his fans. Keep them coming.
Okay, now it’s time to sign off for now. Working on the movie poster and publicity. Anyone interested in coming onboard as an investor? Chelsea postcards will soon be available in NY stores. Have a great day!

Monday- September 15, 2003
Check out the pix from the dogamentary fundraiser. Chelsea and I want to thank everyone for all their support. Have a great day! Will write more later.
I know you want to hear how Howard Stern went. Okay, coming up.

Monday- September 8, 2003
Just a quick note. The event at Biscuits and Bath was a success. Chelsea and I were exhausted and we both fell asleep in our clothing.
Tomorrow, we are going to be on Howard Stern. Please be kind to us just in case he isn’t. I promise not to be my raunchy self. Gotta go. The Diva is calling me

Sunday- August 31, 2003
Oops, there was a misprint of my RSVP number for the Bisuits and Bath "dogamentary" fund-raiser. The number is 212 714-8364 no 8368.

We're listed in Time Out NY page 46 and NY Blade newspapter page 27 has a listing with a huge pix of Chelsea. This is where the phone number is wrong.

We are raffling off 6 memberships to Biscuits and Bath. And we will either auction off or raffle brunch at the Tribeca Grill for two, Dinner for two at Atelier in the Ritz Carlton, brunch at Philip Marie, two night weekend stay for two at Sheraton.

You must come this will be wild. And we want to meet you.

Thursday- August 28, 2003

Chelsea and I have been working non-stop on our fundraiser next week. There will be so many unique pet items for the silent auction.
Don’t forget – Biscuits and Bath, 227 East 44th Street, Thursday, September 4th, 7-10 PM.
Here’s a wire which went out.

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- She's not exactly a member of
George Bush's fundraising squad, but a diva doggie in New
York is pretty good at pawing for dollars.
Chelsea the Shih-Tzu, star of the indie film, "A Dog's
Life: A Dogamentary," is hosting a four-pawed fundraiser at a
posh pet spa in New York Sept. 4.

Moneybags are invited to bring their dogs along to the
gala event at the Biscuits & Bath doggie spa, where they'll
dine on appetizers and drinks fit for both human and canine
Organizers are even rolling out a rover-friendly red
carpet: It's made from newspapers.
However, Chelsea's owner, Gayle Kirschenbaum, says she's
not too worried about the richie-rich rovers having any
"accidents" at the event.

Sunday- August 17, 2003

Where were you Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 4:15 PM when the city went dark? Not only New York City but the entire state, several states stretching as far west to Michigan and north to Canada. Who is to blame? Politicians are mad and want to know. They said that it would never happen again and it did this time far worse, reaching far more homes. Power came back on at different times for different areas. Chelsea and I were home. I had just walked out of the elevator. Boy were we lucky. The guys who we left behind were being pulled out of the elevator a couple of hours later. With my claustrophobia and Chelsea’s intolerance to heat, sitting in a dark, hot elevator would not have been a pleasant experience. I’d say it would have been time for a panic attack. Friday. Chelsea and I have a lot to be grateful for. We live right on the river which is now a beautiful park. We were able to go there to find some relief from the heat. It was packed with people. I wondered how many couldn’t get home because subways were not working. I returned later in the evening with a friend and blanket and lay down and looked up at the sky and admired the stars. This was the first time I can remember they were visible from NYC. Chelsea and I were booked to fly to Florida to a family gathering to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We spent several hours on the phone in the morning trying to get accurate information regarding our flight departure. It was impossible. 311, JFK, Port Authority, no one had information. And it was impossible to get Delta on the phone. So I spoke with my mom who is a travel agent and she accessed them through a special website and told me my flight was scheduled to leave on time. In my heart, I felt it was highly unlikely that was the case. I was sure there would be at least delays. The airport was dark on Thursday and I couldn’t seem to find out if they had gotten their power back. Chelsea and I were still in the dark with no water. That was horrible. Not being able to wash. Our super ran a hose from a fire hydrant so we were able to fill up buckets of water and carry them up to our apartments. The stairwell and halls were pitch black. And our apartment even during daylight is dark. We use lights for half of it, which includes the bathroom, kitchen, closet and sleeping area. Packing was no easy feat holding with one hand a candle for light. So, we headed to airport on a shuttle bus. All the while noticing the neighborhoods which had power and those which didn’t. The driver seem to enjoy not having traffic lights to stop for. The roads were emptier than expected so we were cruising until we hit a major traffic jam. The driver got off the parkway and proceeded on back roads. We arrived and Chelsea and I were the last drop off. Oh my God! There were so many people laying on their suitcase on the sidewalks, inside and on the street. All looking hot and exhausted. They noticed a fresh looking person, me, who had just gotten out of an air conditioned vehicle. One by one, they told me no flights were operating. I looked inside the terminal and saw it was dark. The x-ray belts were shut. It was so filled with stranded passengers I couldn’t even spot an employee. Then I saw someone walking wearing badges around her neck. "Excuse, are flights leaving?" I called out. "No and once we are up we don’t know when we will be in operation," she responded. "But the computer and JFK said the flights were running," I called out. "They don’t’ know what’s going on," she said as she dashed off.
I look around at the sea of fatigued people. There was no way I could stay there with Chelsea. She needed to get to where it was cooler and it was clear we would not be leaving that day. So I flagged down another shuttle and begged him for a spot in the van. We paid top dollar to get back to the city. By the time, we arrived home power was on. What a relief! I plugged in the air conditioner and then stepped into the shower. We were back in operation. Well, we missed Mom’s birthday celebration but we sent off her presents in the mail yesterday. Chelsea and I were so lucky. We felt so sorry for all those who were stranded, stuck in the subway or elevators, worried about loved ones they couldn’t communicate with… Chelsea and I were together and we had all we needed. New Yorkers pulled through once again. No looting, no crime, just a lot of people helping each other and keeping calm. There were stores which giving away their perishables. Neighbors who were passing out water to others. If you’ve never been to New York, you must make a trip here one day. If you are not a native born American you will absolutely feel at home. You know I’m going to put up the piece I wrote about NY vs LA where Chelsea and I lived before.
Must get back to work. We are doing a fundraiser 9/4/03 at 7 PM at Biscuits and Bath on 44th Street in NY. $10 at the door and lots of fun: food, drinks, music, sneak preview of my movie "A Dog’s Life: A Dogamentary", pet drawings, pet psychic. Call 212 714 8364 for details or email me and I’ll send them to you.
Have a great day!

Saturday- August 9, 2003
So what's going on? Chelsea is working on the poster for the film. She 's got me pursuing celebrities for quotes which we can use. Still hot and humid but not nearly as hot as it is in Europe. Was on the Joey Reynolds radio show. Chelsea likes radio. She doesn't have to worry how her hair looks.

Me? Love, romance? Nothing new to report. Had a meeting with a TV executive yesterday and he looked at me and couldn't understand why I wasn't married. "You're hot and sexy!" How many of you single women get asked the same question. So, is it time to lower my standards or am I just so preoccupied with our work that there isn't time for a guy. No, if the right guy came along I'd make time and so would Chelsea.


Friday- August 1, 2003

So, yesterday I was on the phone with my eight year old nephew and he asked me if Chelsea spoke yet. How cute! I remember the day I was having my nails done and the young son of the owner was there. He was busy chasing Chelsea around the place. I was concerned Chelsea was not enjoying being poked at when he got near her. The next time I looked up I saw the boy lying on his belly, leaning on his elbows resting his heard on his hands staring at Chelsea who was quite near him laying on her belly looking at him. Without turning his head ...he eyes still focused on Chelsea he asked me "Is she married?" I immediately replied, "No, do you want her to wait for you?"

News...Just heard from an old friend who "googled" me. The good thing about having your life on the net is . . . 1. long lost friends find you 2. you don't have to catch up. They can read about you and be up to date on their own.

Another question... so as you know I'm single and looking for a husband. This is pretty publicized. On occassion I hear from a potential suitor. The last person who approached me ask me to not write about him in my diary. I promise never to mention someone's name who doesn't want to be known.

Gotta go. Looks like rain. Must take Chelsea out before the skies open up. Have a great day!

Sunday- July 20, 2003

Beautiful weather in New York. Not too hot, not too cold. Nice breeze. I live near the Hudson River in the West Village and they have built a fabulous park with piers filled with life. Chelsea and I love taking walks there and meet so many people, so many doggies and their human partners. There is great feeling of community and joy. People are just thrilled to be near the water, watch the sunset.
Great news on the film. Lynda Hansen, a top producer’s rep, fell in love with it and she is going to rep it. By the way, it’s not always easy to get a rep especially a really good one. It’s like getting a top agent for your first novel. So what does it mean to have Lynda? It means she has contacts and relationships all over and with her on our team we are sure to get the film out to many. So, we have Bob Seigel, top entertainment attorney and Bob Hawk, film consultant and now Lynda. In fact, they are all friends with each other.
Also, thank you all for your kind emails. The Ladies Home Journal Story has generated a response from so many people each sharing their "love story" about their pooch.
On a different note, I must raise additional money asap. You can’t imagine how much the finishing of the film, the marketing and distribution is running. So, if you can help and want to get your name involved in this film which will expose to the world in a humorous and poignant way the importance of the human canine bond, please click on the "sponsorship" link for details. All contributions are tax deductible and a $500 donation gets your name in the credits. And please spread the word!
I hate fundraising. I’d rather do anything but fundraise. But it’s a necessity because I’ve depleted all my funds now… yes, I know you are not suppose make a movie from your own money but I just couldn’t wait and had to get it done. I suppose it’s been my obsession. I now desperately need financial help. I have gotten really far already. I’ve been so successful at raising in-kind contributions… $200,000 worth of services. Incredible!! Incredible people and suppliers have all believed in this film and come on board. Now I need the cash, the green stuff with pictures of Presidents on it.
I’m also looking for someone who is a person of "means" and has friends of "means" who would like to host a fundraising event in their home where I will screen A Dog’s Life: A Dogamentary. If you know anyone out there who is a crazy dog lover and fits the description, please give me an eshout.
Okay, enough of that. It’s time to take a break and head up to Central Park where they are celebrating its 150 year birthday. Happy Birthday Central Park. You are truly miraculous, a menagerie of nature in the middle of Manhattan.
Gotta go. Later. Have a great day!!

Friday- July 11, 2003

It’s a been long time. I was away in Europe. Toured England and Scotland. You must visit the Isle of Skye. Magical place to bond with sheep.

Then visited an old friend in Belgium, Eric Angelini, who wouldn’t have found me after twenty years if it wasn’t for Chelsea. He’s a television producer (mogul) who was doing research on Shih Tzus for one of his shows and found us on the web. I’ve just been thinking how my little Princess has completely changed my life and brought so many people from my long past back into my life. Please don’t ask how long that past is!

Due to all the restrictions bringing a dog into England from the States, Chelsea and I went our separate ways this time. It turned out that she ended up staying with neighbors who completely fell in love with her. She had another dog and cat to play with. In fact, I almost lost her. They just didn’t want to give her back. When I called them to get her at 9PM they told me she was sleeping and to call back the next morning but not before 10AM. Oy! So, now she’s back and we’ve arranged some shared parenting which seems to be satisfying everyone. But they are off to their home in New Hampshire for over two months and they want to take her. They even have my doorman working on me… "Gayle, how about camp for Chelsea in the mountains?" "Yeah, but not for so long!" So more love has come into our lives.

We were on a talk show last night in New York. Metro TV.
Chelsea and I are so ready get our own series off the ground. Dog’s Eye View. So, if you are sponsor or broadcaster, please speak up. We get some many wonderful emails from all over the world. It’s time to get the show on the air.

Update on marital status: still single
Yes, went to England to see the guy and make a decision about a future. It became clear we were not a match. So we wished each other the best and said good-bye. Chelsea is okay with it. She actually is getting so much attention and love right now that she doesn’t feel the need for a man.

Okay, back to other work. Lots of love.

Saturday- June 14, 2003

Chelsea and I had a great cast and crew screening. They seemed to love the film. Let's pray they weren't just being sympathetic. The real test is an audience who doesn't know me and has had nothing to do with the film.

Have lot to do today. Getting ready for a trip. Yes, over the Atlantic Ocean. If you don't hear from us for a while you will know why. Must say bye for now.

Saturday- June 7, 2003
Chelsea and I are taking separate vacations. Not that we really wanted to. The problem is England and their rules. They don’t make it easy to bring your dog-ter into the country. I’m going because I’m interviewing a candidate for the husband position I have available. It’s extremely important while checking out this person for this top level job, to examine where he comes from. His family, his home, his friends. What’s his daily life like? What are his joys? What are his frustrations? I wish Chelsea could be with me on this exploratory trip. When my intuition starts getting lazy, hers kicks in and we don’t miss a beat. I might use a webcam from England to fill her in and see what she thinks. In the meantime, Chelsea is going on vacation too. She’s headed up to New Hampshire where she will have lots of grass to run around in and another dog and a cat to play with. This is still a secret. Haven’t told her yet.
It’s still raining here in New York. It’s already the second week in June and I haven’t exposed the air conditioner yet.

Wednesday-May 21, 2003

Chelsea is looking good. She just had a her teeth clean. I'm a bit under the weather. It's thats time of month. Enough about that.

Monday-May 19, 2003

Okay, so you 're wondering where we've been? And then we had a photo shoot with Ladies Home Journal. Keep your eyes open for the August issue.

It's still pretty chilly in New York but Chelsea and I have been enjoying biking. She gets in the basket and we head down the Hudson River bike path around the tip of Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge. And apply some muscle to the peddle and head up the Bridge. I can just feel my thighs and butt working. Nice!

Monday-May 5, 2003

Chelsea and I have been bad. Just haven't been in a writing mood. And we've been letting you guys down. So what's up here? Chelsea and I have been putting the finishing touches on the film, A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY. We're keep you informed where and when you can see it. DAVE'S TRUE STORY did the theme which is phenomenal. It all happened by chance. A friend took me to see them play and I hadn't been out for a while. Suddenly in the middle of their set they do a song called, "A Dog's Life" which is brilliant with the most fantastic lyrics. Bingo, a marriage was made.

On a different note, Chelsea and I have been biking a lot lately. On the weekends we get up early and hit the bike path and then ride over the Brooklyn Bridge to fabulous park where Chelsea gets to run around freely in a grassy park and make lots of new friends. My girl is such a social butterfly. She loves to wait at the elevator even though it would be quicker for us to walk up the steps. This way she gets to greet all the others waiting for the elevator.. She's doing what she does best-- bringing joy to people. She walks over to them, sniffs their leg, looks up at tthem right into their eyes (she has intense eye contact), wags her tail and wiggles her tush and they all they could do is smile and bend down and pet her. This continues on the elevator and every one is happy.

It's Cinco de Mayo. Have a great day and we promise you will here from us sooner.

Friday-April 4, 2003

Time has been passing by too fast. Chelsea and I have been spending time apart. She just got back from two weeks with the Shifrins, dear friends who have two young kids. I was out of town producing for Court TV while Chelsea was playing


Sunday-March 16, 2003

I know you are wondering what has happened to us. Chelsea took off with a guy and I went to China. I know Chelsea's ancestors are from there but she didn't want to join me. She was smitten by Dan and I told her I was going with or without her. China! Boy, I saw more Starbucks in Bejing and Shanghai than in New York. The economy is booming. Hi-rises, skyscrapers, atrium hotels, luxury buildings, trendy restaurants, high fashions. I felt like I hadn't left home. But then we headed out to Henan Province where life is quite different. I was no longer a tourist but the attraction. Don't believe they've seen too many foreigners. Much to tell but must hit the sack. Jet lag has kicked in. Chelsea is laying on the couch moping and groaning because I took her away from Dan. She'll just have to get over him. He's way too old for her. Later.

Tuesday-February 18, 2003

A major blizzard yesterday. Chelsea made fresh tracks in the snow but soon began shivering.I took her in and headed back out wearing goggles. I got the thumbs up as I pass other fighting the snow and the wind from going in their eyes. What fun! The pedestrians took over the streets.

Chelsea and I had a focus group screening. It went really well. Okay, back to work. Chelsea's sleeping in.

Sunday-February 9, 2003

Don't have much time to write. It's cold again. Why am I losing so many things? Chelsea is sound asleep. I must get her up in order to catch a train. Heading out to L.I. Trains, we are on high alert and they said they've added military in large public areas such as train stations. People want to know what should we should watch out for, what should we do to prepare? Give us something. How about strap in in a taxi or don't sit near someone who has a large bag? We are just not educated. In Israel if you see a Hasid with a knapsack it's most likely a terrorist with a bomb. Oy! Okay, let's all pray for the best. Heidi Cuppari, were you one of the women who stripped and layed out in the snow in Central Park protesting Bush? What balls you have! I applaud you. Later!

Saturday-February 1, 2003

Sad news today. Columbia Space Shuttle is no longer. NASA lost contact with them at 9:00 AM. Debris has fallen on the town of Palenstine, Texas. Life is so different today. A tragedy has occurred and we wonder whether this was an act of terrorism. How bizarre! For sure, lifewill never be the same.

Chelsea and I made a visit to Cabrini Hospice. Again she brought her magic to the ill and dying. What esle is going on? The weather has warmed up here a bit.

Romance. Nothing new to report. Chelsea is pretty fed up with the dating scene. Besides, she doesn't have much free time now. We are working like crazy to get the film done.

We love you all!!

Thursday-January 23, 2003

It's so cold here. Is this what the North Pole feels like? We're in NY. Chelsea for some odd reason wanted a buzz cut. So she is now wearing lots of layers. She is so heavily wrapped up when we go out I have push her to get her started...otherwise she stands frozen, unbendable like a stuffed animal. I can't beleive my feet are frozen and I have three layers on and insulated boots and I'm in our heated home. Went down last Saturday to DC to protest the pending war on Iraq. There were thousands of people. --Shush! Chelsea is having a dream. She is barking in her sleep. Anyone have a good online dating story? How about you meet a guy who tells you how great you are... gorgeous, talented, smart, and he has stopped searching the dating site. The next thing you learn is he just selected your girlfriend. Hmm? Would you call this an honest man? - - It's time go make dinner and stand in front of the space heater. Cheers! Keep warm!

Wednesday-January 15, 2003

Hi Catherine! Isn't it great to be online?
Catherine is a very dear friend of mine in Paris. She just got on the web and is already addicted. Yes, how many of our lives changed when we disovered this cyberworld? Nevermind when our canine soulmates found us.

When Chelsea and I first met and started living together my early morning exercise was altered... frequently cancelled. Instead I spent and spend the time walking my little princess. I did try to get her into jogging but she must suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). We'd finally have a nice rythmn going in our jog and then she'd sniff something and come to a complete hault. A bit unnerving and not good on the knees. So for now, the little pooch is left home when I want to get my heartbeat going.

The film... yes, where is it, how is coming along? Just when I think it's done or should I say the rough cut is done another voice comes in and offers some suggestions. No more advice for now from the outside. Chelsea has been pretty pissed off that I've been paying more attention to the opinions of others than her. So, it's Chelsea and me. She's pulled up a chair and is ready to work. The music is going to be great. Original songs.. have you heard of the group Dave's True Story? They are fabulous. Check them out.

Some other news. I'm heading to China. I know Chelsea would like to come and she will on our next trip. We will shoot an episode of Chelsea in China. Right now, I'm laying down the ground work. Chelsea, being a Shih Tzu, which is originally from China is anxious to trace to her family roots. Bye for now!


Wednesday-January 8, 2003

There are so many wonderful people that are coming on board to help with the film. Chelsea and I are blessed. We've also had a tremendous learning curve. For two non-technical souls, we've certainly learned a lot.

Chelsea is getting ready for her publicity tour. She's driving me nuts. I told her that there is no publicity until the film is done. I just don't have time for all her demands right now. I wish she had a rich guy who would take her away for a week and give me a breather. Much to do to get this film done and guess who's got to do it all? I'm not complaining, well perhaps I am. What's wrong with kvetching now and then. All I can say is, there better be a rainbow at the end of this tunnel or Chelsea will have me made into a humanburger. Back to work. Hey, how are you all doing? Write to us, sign the guest book on the homepage. Tell us something about you and let's plan a live chat soon.

Thursday-January 1, 2003

Happy 2003 everyone! Are you back at work or still on vacation? Chelsea and I are working furiously to finish the film. Looking for an audio person to help fill in the holes. Just spoke to Japan... my little Japanese sister, Atsuyo. Chelsea and I adore her. Sorry to be so brief, Chelsea wants to go out.

Tuesday-December 31, 2002

New Years Eve tonight. What are you up to? Chelsea and I are bringing in the new year with Bob, our sweet neighbor. Not straying far from home. We are both happy to have a quiet night. Crowds and noise don't sound appealing. We had a late night last evening. Nat, my partner in some TV programs, (Check out Judgment Day on HBO early February (6th - perhaps) We co created this pilot for new reality series. I use produce lots of crime shows like America Most Wanted. That's when the seed of the idea came to me. Anyway, Nat lives in LA, where Chelsea and I use to live. He came to visit us for a brief stay and we ended up working on "A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary", our upcoming film. That's how this website originally started. The plan was to keep our friends updated on our progress and show some clips and trailers. But once it was up and running and we got lots of emails from fans and fellow dog lovers we knew that we would build a global community of like minded nuts.

My vacation with my family on the cruise worked out okay. Only one major fight and I was shocked at all the things he said. He was filled with rage. I never saw him like that before. How do you forget, how do you forgive? He stormed away and then returned an hour later to apologize. But we started rehashing everything again... "You did this...You said that...blah, blah, blah" I hope I will forget it all, his face with his eyes darting out, the horrible things he said.

On a more positive note, Chelsea had a great vacation hanging out with her new friend Jeff. At the beginning of the week, he insisted that Chelsea not sleep in his bed. By the end of the week, they bathed and were sleeping together. Chelsea's been mopping around ever since she's been home. I think she misses Jeff and the lifestyle he provided her. Daily walks in a huge park, catch and fetch, and plenty of exercise and good food.

I got to see in Florida a childhood friend, Roberta. She co-founded a company in Bejing that went public. She has built two hospitals. One in Bejing and the other in Shanghai. Chindex won the award of corporate excellence. You can see her on the internet with Colin Powell. I'm so proud of Roberta. She is eager for me to visit her. So, thinking about making this trip. Shush! I haven't mention it to Chelsea yet.


Sunday-December 22, 2002

Chelsea and I are separated. She is staying in NY this week with a friend. Had a tummy ache and didn't want to fly. I'm off to Florida and then on a cruise with the entire family. Don't worry. I'm bringing my own food. Don't want to get the virus. Feeling a bit off not having Chelsea here to boss me around. Did you check out Chelsea's store yet? You must see her kitsch lunch box and popular calendar. Click here.

Have a great holiday and may Santa be kind to you.
Will catch up soon.

Sunday-December 15, 2002

Chelsea and I have been celebrating the holidays already. Last night a party at our friend Michele's. Great food, good conversation and live music. Last weekend we did some party hopping. And we've got a few more to go this week. Chelsea is absolutely a party animal. A room full of people who can't get enough of her. "Oh, this is that celebrity dog!" they scream. Then they are all over her, petting , rubbing giving her steak, beef and whatever else they find which will make her happy.

We've had some out of town guests. Geoff, a writer from England who is heading out on an around the world trip. Sweet man. Chelsea has grown fond of him. He is actually traveling with a small knapsack. How do people pack so light? When Chelsea and I go away for a weekend we end up taking a huge suitcase. What's that about? We never wear everything we bring.

The house is so dirty. Must do the floors. The dustballs are beginning to scare me when they move. I keep thinking there is a mouse in the house. Yes, we've had mice. How could you in a hundred year old building in New York City and not have rodents. This is my first experience. It takes getting to use to. Sometimes I wish Chelsea had more cat like qualities. Neighbors have offered to lend me their cats. Chelsea has a tendency to stare at the mice as they dash around. And once they get stuck on a glue trap, Chelsea sneaks up for a close look. How horrible to watch them struggle to get off the glue knowing that their destiny is not good.. a trip to the garbage compactor. What a subject! I'm just ordered some soup.

Chelsea and I are off to Florida for a few days to visit family. Then she gets to stay with a new family as I go off with my family on a cruise. I'm not looking forward to this and already miss my girl.

Thursday-December 5, 2002

It's snowing and it's not even winter yet. What a gorgeous day. Chelsea insisted on going out and making fresh tracks in the snow. She was hopping around a like a bunny rabbit. Then she yanked me to take her on the Staten Island ferry and off we went. Chelsea, I and what seemed like hundreds of New Yorkers boarded the ferry. All the New Yorkers who left their jobs early due to the snowstorm. Oops. Gotta go, late. Will write more later. --- Okay, Chelsea, I'll be right there. Yes, you can have bake potato with your steak tonight.

Monday-November 25, 2002

What are you doing reading this when you should be shopping at Chelsea's Store? Click here to get there right away. You have to check out the calendar. You can actually view the individual pix. And there are gorgeous greeting cards, postcards, t-shirts... Great gift items. Remember your purchase is supporting the completion on A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY.

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Who wants to receive a newsletter from us? How about a newsletter which includes doggiescopes, dog stories, Chelsea's advice.

Thanksgiving is almost here. Chelsea and I are feeding the homeless.

Chelsea is calling me. She wants me to get back to editing. Got to go. Later.


Monday-November 18, 2002

Another week has passed. Chelsea has a modeling gig today. She is showered and ready. We are working on the twelve month calendar. Getting the pix in top shape. You must see the film Frida. Chelsea and I loved it. The other night I was walking with a friend when I saw someone on the ground screaming in pain for help. He had been run over by a huge truck. It was cold, raining and windy. Oh my God!! How awful! Several people gathered around him as I stood holding an umbrella over him until the ambulance arrived. Thank God for cell phones. What a night! I can't stop thinking about him. I have a friend who was run over by a mack truck a few months ago. His pelvis was crushed and who knows if he will be able to use his penis again even for peeing. Life! I feel so grateful to all which it has brought me. How fragile it is!

Now that I've depressed you, what else is going on? Don't forget to check out the store. There is a sale going on.
Gotta run!

Monday-November 11, 2002

Veteran's Day. Are you working today? Fun weekend. Chelsea and I went up to Rockland County to visit high school friends we reconnected with a couple of weeks ago at the reunion. Jodi was a really close friend of mine for many years. She and Howie Gittleman who is also from our high school reconnected years ago at our 10 year reunion. They've been married for several years and have two beautiful kids. Howie's a vet, and a great one. Chelsea's been having some eye problems. A clogged tear duct. He cleaned it out and then Jodi turned Chelsea around giving Howie her butt and said, "You're not done yet." Howie also cleaned out Chelsea's impacted anal glands. My little girl left clean as a whissle. Almost clean. Her teeth need serious work. Gun disease. If only she'd left me use Oral B tooth brush on her we wouldn't be in this situation.

Saturday was another adventure. This one Chelsea didn't join me at. It was visit to the Russian bath house, a Schvitz and I schvitz plenty. Each room was hotter than the next one. It was quite a scene. A fairly young crowd, nice looking. Women were wearing bathing suits. Men were in either shorts which were provided or thin robes. I left feeling like every single one of my pores have been cleaned out.

Friday-November 8, 2002

Okay, our store is open and our first item is for sale---"Baby, won't you drive my car!" tee-shirts featuring our star Chelsea driving a car. The brilliant caption was the brainchild of our beloved Kate. Press here to take a look and buy your very own. Don't forget the holidays are just around the corner and what a great gift item this is for all the dog lovers and Chelsea fans out there.

Chelsea is nudging me to expand her product line. We're working on it.

Saturday-November 2, 2002

A lot has happened. Went to my high school reunion. What a trip! We all wore name badges with our High School year book picture. In many cases, if it wasn't for that picture I wouldn't have recognized the person. It was incredibly sentimental. There were people there who I was friends with when I was five and haven't seen in over 30 thirty years. My class produced lots of lawyers. Some people looked completely the same. I seemed to have fit in that category and ti was quite flattering for me to hear that. One guy came over and told me that he thought I was the most beautiful girl in High School. That comment went far and will stay with me forever. Thanks, Joel! Most people remembered two things about me: my hair (I had very long, thick curly hair-- I still have this hair but it's not as long I've been blowing it straight), and the other thing thing they remember is what my father did for a living, a funeral director. Boy, was I embarassed about that when I was growing up. I remember the day in first grade when my teacher, Mrs. Karsch, went around the classroom asking us what our daddy does. Isn't that nosey. Do you think they could get aways with that today? I responeded "undertaker" and she thought I was a wise ass kid making it up. But Craig Shimmel (he didn't show to the reunion) was intrigued and followed me around school trying to find out whatt they did with the body.

Chelsea doesn't know what her Grandpa did, so I'm not going to let her read this diary entry. Please keep this a secret.

I did write a feature script several years ago called KAISER MORTUARY which centers around a funeral home in Brooklyn with a dysfunctional family where the main character (the dad who founded the business) dies and comes back as a ghost. Please don't tell me about SIX FEET UNDER. It's a sore subject.

Has anyone seen Dog Days on Animal Planet? Just wondering what you think?
email me
The weather has gotten much colder in NY. Thank God for long johns.

Back to the reunion. So now I've reconnected with many people from my past some of which have read this diary. "You are out there!" one person said. "I can't believe you how much you eveal?" "So, what!" I responded. "What's the big deal?!" Right?

I will say that I didn' see much plastic surgery at my reunion. I'm sure if I wen to school in LA that would would have been different. I love being in NY. I never even use the word flake anymore.

Sunday- October 20, 2002

Florida. Chelsea has just spent a long weekend down in Florida visiting her relatives. Got to go swimming today but preferred if I didn't throw her in. She really enjoyed sitting on th chair raft with me as opposed to actualy swimming.

Sunday- October 13, 2002

Rainy days and rainy nights. Chelsea doesn't like to go out in the rain. Doesn't like to mess up her hair. You might ask where she does she do her business? Sometimes she actually gets it on the wee wee pad. Other times it's the rug. I thought Nature's Miracle was suppose to remove the odor and the pooches desire to mark the same spot. Not my little girl. She loves to remark and remark. It only happens when we can't take her out or she isn't feeling well or she is "pissed" off at me.

Chelsea is quite low to the ground so she is getting wet and dirty quite easily. Is there any type of clothing which covers the feet, legs and belly? if you know of one, please send us an
email me.

Went to the Museum of Sex yesterday. Just opened. Wow, to think reading the stories about the wild 70s, the porn stars: Annie Sprinkles, Linda Lovelace, brought back memories. They even had porn films running. I would definitely include this museum on your list of things to do in New York.

Tee-shirts are on the way. Back to work. Have a great day!

Wednesday- October 2, 2002

Busy, busy. People from my past have re-entered my life because of this website. Once you are out there people find you and it's a trip. I don't think I have too many skeletons in the closet so these reunions are welcomed and exciting. Of course, these are friends, lovers B.C. (Before Chelsea). I use to travel often to Europe, France especially, love the language, the life style, always found it incredibly romantic and I seem to be attracted to guys who are in touch with their feminine side. You can see a straight European guy cross his legs more often than an American straight guy. You ever get on a bus or a subway in NY and the guys sitting next to you have legs wide open, leaving you little room, and showing off their jewels. What's with them? Theykeep their legs closer and stop hogging the space.

Anyway, on that note a friend from many years ago, a sweet, gorgeous Belgium I met while skiing in the Alps has found me. Yes, he did a search for Shih Tzu and there I was. He is TV mogul and happily married with two kids. So, he asked, why aren't I married? I have been asked this question so many times, I wish I was gay and just say, "I'm a lesbian, that's why." In fact, I recently got reacquainted with cousins of mine after 20 years, they are considerably older than I am, and they confessed that they thought I was gay. So, how many of you out there who are still single and in your 40s get asked that question?


Monday- September 30, 2002

Chat room is here! Live today at 4PM EST. Chelsea is all over NY1 as New Yorker of the week. Check it on line by clicking here.

We had a great time at the Battery Park City block party. Chelsea insisted on getting painted like all the other kids. Between her sun hat, bright colored body and TV appearance she was getting sited and admired frequently. She loves this stuff. Gotta go. Later!

Tuesday- September 24, 2002

Hold on, the chat room is on the way. And how about a message boad? Would you like that? Email us if you want a direct update. Gotta run. Sorry to be so brief. Chelsea is still sleeping.

Friday- September 20, 2002

Chelsea is such a media hound. She wants me to get the following out to you right away. She and me too, okay, are being featured on television as "New Yorkers of the Week" on NY1. They shot us at Cabrini Hospice doing our favorite thing, pet therapy. They'll run the segment over and over again for four days. We have no idea how this story came out. Chelsea, who is a control freak is being forced to surrender. She hates not having final cut.

Here are the specifics:
NY 1 is Channel 1 on cable tv and can be seen in any of the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island). It's the 24 hour news station.

It will first air next Friday, the 27th, at 8:50 PM during the World Trade Center show and then it runs every hour after that (no specific time) Friday night, all day Saturday (28th), Sunday (29th) and Monday (30th). By then the public will be sending us hate mail to stop stealing their precious broadcast time.

And the chat room is in the works. Soon, you will have an opportunity to share your precious canine stories with everyone else. I'm just in the midst of negotiating a deal with Chelsea to be the moderator. She now has an agent and it's impossible to cut a reasonable deal with the Diva.

Hey, you guys interested in Chelsea tee-shirts? Let me know...email me.

Chelsea is having a tummy ached and she has informed me I must take her out again. Later. Have a great day!

Thursday- September 19, 2002

Okay, if you are in New York mark in your calendar September 28th. Battery Park City is having a block party. There will be variety shows, music, dancing, food, vendors, Big Apple pie eating contest, kid's activities and ...dog therapy booth where Chelsea and I will be from 1-2:30 by Vesey and West Street. Take 1/9 to Rector or Chambers or the N/R to Rector. Come on down. This is a great time to witness and join in the festivities of an area which a year ago was devastated. It's listed in Time Out and there will be press covering this so you might end up on TV. Say hi to me and Chelsea at the Delta (pet therapy booth).

Friday- September 13, 2002

It's Friday, the 13th and do you know where your doggie is? Chelsea is viewing the film dailies. What's wrong, Chels? She is not happy with the footage. "Get rid of the cameraman! Get me Vilmos!" she demanded. "Vilmos?" I responded. "Yes, Vilmos Zsigmond and if he isn't free get me Sven Nykist". "Okay, sweetheart, whatever you say," I answered shaking my head in disbelieve. Who does she think she is? "I'm Chelsea, the Shih Tzu Diva," she exclaimed. Whatever.

On a totally different note, here is the email we received on 9/11 which brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Arlene.

Hi Gayle,
It was around this time last year when I stumbled across a "dogamentary" website and sent you an e-mail because Chelsea is so adorable and your relationship reminds me of mine and my dogter Willow.

Today being the anniversary of 9/11, I find myself very sad and unable to concentrate on work. Most of the day, I have been reading the news online and all the stories about 9/11 and the possible war with Iraq. I finally decided enough is enough and tried to think of ways to brighten my day (of course work was out of the question...hee hee). I once again turned to the internet and searched for my passion "shih tzu's"! I found yours and Chelsea's website for a second time. I was so amused as soon as I saw Chelsea in those sun glasses - what a diva! I just wanted to say thanks again for the fun stories and adorable pictures, and thanks for taking my mind off what saddens me today...if only for a short time.
I hope the two of you are having a good day together.
Arlene Bracero
Santa Monica, CA

Thursday- September 12, 2002

It's the morning after September 11th, a difficult day. I got up early and went for a jog along the river, the Hudson River on the Westside Highway, the direct path down to Ground Zero. The road which closed off last year filled with racing rescue vehicles. It was early and there people walking downtown. The intersection at Christopher Street was filled with people waving flags and cheering the people on. Tarpley Mott who was there a year was back among the group. I met Tarpley when Chelsea and I were on the Joey Reynolds show.

I found myself crying as I jogged back home. It was an unexpected breakdown. I cried for the loss of so many lives and the families which have been shattered but I also cried remembering how New Yorkeres came out to help. The selflessness and courage I felt all around me as I volunteered on 9/11 at a Triage. People came from all over to help out. I wrote a story nine days after called "30 Blocks Aways" about my personal experience. You can read it by clicking on the title.

Yesterday I received an email which touched me deeply. She found this website last year and it made her smile. Yesterday, filled with despair, she looked to be cheered up and came upon the site again and smiled when she saw Chelsea in hat and sunglasses. Chelsea was so happy when she read the email. She said, "If I could bring joy to someone if even for a brief moment, I'm doing my job." Chelsea, although a Shih Tzu Diva always reminds me that the most important thing in life is to laugh. On that note, Chelsea is nudging me to go out. Later.

Friday- September 5, 2002

IChelsea is doing well. We had a great visit at Cabrini the other day. I might complain how she keeps me on a short leash but it's worth having a master like Chelsea. When I see her in action helping people I'm ready to roll over.

Tomorrow, Friday, Sept 6th, we will be appearing on TV, Fox 5- Good Day NY (Channel 5 in NY) somewhere between 7 and 9AM. Hope it's the later time. Chelsea is not an early riser. Have a great day!!

Oh, we are thinking about starting a chat room. Would you like that? Let me know...email me

Sunday- September 1, 2002

Labor Day weekend and Chelsea and I are home. It's raining .And I've got a cold. I'm all stuffed up.
It's not fun Editing the film Gotta get better. Doing a TV show on Tuesday. It's time for a man. Where is he? How about someone sexy? Tall, lean, passionate. Just when I thought my libido died, it's come alive. And what about Chelsea you are asking. She could use a little action too. Unfortunately her husband has no interest at all. So, step forward you sexy, sensitive, caring male and reveal yourself to us.


Saturday- August 24, 2002

If you happen to be in Montreal tune into the Peter Anthony Holder talk show on CJAD.

Tuesday- August 20, 2002

just got off the air with the Drew and Mike talk show in Detroit. Did anyone out there hear it? They seem like nice guys. I had fun. So how do you think it went?

Chelsea and I were apart for a week. It was difficult on both of us but I just wasn't able to have her join. Went off to Cape Cod and Nantucket for some R&R. Spent a fair amount of time worried about Chelsea. Needed to do some Chelseacare adjustments when I was gone. But I'm back now and we are doing our thing. Off to a meeting this afternoon. Interviewing various managers/agents looking for a fit for us.

The film is coming along nicely. .It's definitely out there and we're sure this will be a hit. Nothing has ever been done like this. Funny, poignant, riskee, innovative, relatable (sp?).

Don't forget there is plenty of opportunity to participate, either get your dog in it and your name in the credits. Just go to the sponsorship page for details or email me.

Okay, Chelsea wants to go out for a quick run now. Gotta go! Later.


Thursday- August 8, 2002

It's finally cooled down here in New York. Chelsea is feeling much better. It's hard to go for a daily run when you feel like you are going to overheat and drop dead. We are both winter animals. Chelsea and I have been working our balls off. Hey, we don't have balls.

Suddenly, we've captured the attention of several radio talk shows. Last night we did a BBC show and this morning we were on live in Dublin, Ireland. I have to admit Chelsea and I struggled on more than one occassion to understand the Brit. It got to a point where I was too embarrassed to ask him again to repeat himself that I just responded "yeah" to whatever he said. Now the Irish folks were completely comprehensible. Both were most interested in how Chelsea helps me in meeting men. My host made it clear he had issues with small dogs. I then challenged him to meet Chelsea and learned he was single. When I asked him if his picture was on the internet, hinting he might be a potential candidate for Mr. Kirschenbaum (my future husband, Chelsea's future dad), he changed the subject. Aah, where was his humor. He could have just run with. Where is that radio host that I can get on the same wavelength with and we can race ahead into the ridiculous. I know, It's Howard Stern. Howard, it's our time. Did I tell you that three people including my father have told me I look like you when my hair is down. Now I know you wouldn't consider that a compliment for me. Okay, give me a call soon. It's time Chelsea and I appear on your show. We do bath together. That's some kinky material for you. But don't ask Chelsea to show you her titties. She is quite shy about things like that. And me? You'll have to find out for yourself.


Thursday- August 1, 2002

Chelsea and I did head out to Fire Island for the day. It never rained and we actually enjoyed the overcast. It was pretty hot and Chelsea found a shady spot on the beach to lay down -- under a woman's beach chair. She didnt' seem to mind Chelsea's presence. But Chelsea was still pretty hot so she dug down to get to the cooler sand. Yeah, she sprinkled her neighbors with the flying sand. Other than readujusting their legs, they didn't seem to mind. I was pooped and ended up falling out and woke up to see my angel laying next to me. We were spooning. How about that! I love her SO MUCH! Gotta go! Later.

Sunday- July 28, 2002

Looks like thunderstorms today. Chelsea and I were suppose to head out to Fire Island for a day of fun in the sun. The jury is still out.

Two weeks have passed since my last entry. It's been pretty hectic here. I had to go out of town for the National Writers Union Delegate Assembly and Chelsea wasn't invited. I thought I'd enjoy my free time from my girl but in fact being away from her was more excrutiating than the suffocating heat and sleepless nights in our cell like dorm rooms. I was not worried about her since she was in the care of Camille, Chelsea's adoptive beloved big sister and my treasured assistant. All was going fine. I was busy in meetings and rationalized that it was best that Chelsea was home in an air conditioned apartment... until Saturday when I received a phone message from Nat, my partner on the HBO pilot. Nat lives in LA (where Chelsea and I lived for several years). He was in San Francisco and saw on the news that the Con Edison plant in the East Village in New York was on fire. He called to check in on us and didn't know that I was away and Chelsea was home. I found out that power was out in my building... no electricity and no water. In fact, power was out south of the 14th Street and subways in that area were not working either. Camille had already left for Coney Island and had no idea what happened. She was in Brooklyn when I called her and wasn't coming home til late. Even if she wanted to come back she wouldn't be able to by subway. Chelsea was stranded alone in a hot apartment and I was hundreds of miles away in a secluded location. I made phone call after phone call trying to find someone who could rescue my little girl with no luck. The doorman's phone was not working and the few people who have our key were not at home. I was on my way to having a major panic attack. All I could think about was Chelsea passing out from heat stroke. Oh, I forgot to mention that the first night away I had a nightmare about Chelsea having an accident. Why am I so plugged into here?

There was one last possibility. My brother has a key and he lives on Long Island. By the time I called him I was already in tears. "You have help me. Chelsea can't handle the heat. She must get rescued!" I pleaded with him. I might not see my bro as much as I'd like but he definitely rises to the occassion when needed. He responded to my call and figured out a way to get Chelsea out. His daughter was coming to the city and would pass the key to her cousin who lives in midtown and would take a cab down and fetch my princess. She promised to call me when she had her. Two hours later, she phoned from the taxi with Chelsea on her lap."Was it hot in there?" I asked. "No so bad. I think a fan was on," she responded. "A fan? How could that be? The power must have gone on," I continued. "There was a light on," she said.

Lights, fan and Chelsea. I was so relieved!

Sunday- July 14, 2002

Happy Bastille Day. Got any special plans? Listen, I'm so sorry I've been slacking off on the diary entries. If you find yourself visiting with nothing new to read, send me a threatening email. I have no privacy here. Chelsea can access my email and if she learns her fans are frustrated she will take away some of my priviledges -- like long walks by the river at sunset.

Yesterday, Chelsea and I went by bike to the Central Park zoo. I put her black sun hat on to protect her eyes from the sun. We parked ourselves on a park bench and watch the human parade go by us. Then itwas apparent that Chelsea was getting just as much attention at the animals behind bars. "Oh, look at the dog with the hat! Can I pet her? Mom, look how cute!" the passerbyers exclaimed. Then cameras started coming out and they were posing with Chelsea and taking pix. Hmm? You know what I'm thinking. Perhaps, we could take polaroids and sell them for $5 a pop. We can use the cash. Especially now that Chelsea's monthly needs have increased.

We even met a nice guy...yes, we were thinking the same thing. Could this be Chelsea's future dad? Well, he's an out of towner in New York for a medical conference. Okay, a long distance relationship to start with... we could manage but then he would have to move to New York, because we both don't want to move to the south. No offense, but we are having a love affair with New York. We met this suitable chap later in the evening for a drink. That's when we found out the truth. He's recently separated with two kids. RED FLAG! Stay away. We are no homebreakers here. "Sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope you and your wife could work it out. Have a safe trip back."

Is it true that all the good guys are taken already? Someone suggested I go to Single Parents meetings. I asked if I could show up without a kid? Sure, she said. What do you think?

Tomorrow Chelsea's grandma is coming to visit. They don't get much quality time together. Chelsea is pretty excited. Grandma tends to be a bit nudgey.. "Chelsea, get off the couch! Chelsea come up on the couch." Talk about double messages. "Gayle, you are crazy. Chelsea is just a dog," she told me. And her next sentence was..."Chelsea, come to Grandma." Just a dog, mom?!

We love you all. Gotta go and do a new page for the website. Check the "contest" page. Bart won the competition.


Friday- July 12, 2002

So how was your July 4th? Chlesea insisted I take her out of the city so we took a road trip to the Catskills. We spent one night with our cousin and his family camping next to a stream. It was so hot I tempted the little girl to come into the water. It took a lot of persuasion and a gentle push. It was rocky and her feetsy were not enjoying it so I picked her and we managed to get her cooled off. She wanted out right away. We then visisted a friend who lives on top of a hill with a sprawling lawn. Chelsea got to do her laps running around all the cleared acreage and got to glow in her joy. Gotta go. Later!

Sunday- June 30, 2002

It's Gay Pride day here in New York. Chelsea and I forgot about it until we left the apartment later in the day and got a taste of it.The streets were packed and there was fireworks display.

It's been pretty hot here and Chelsea has been complaining quite a bit. I told her it's not my fault that it 's hot but you know when you are in acrabby it's those you love the most that you take out your bad mood on.
We are looking forward to some relief... when?

You know I realized that I have a closer relationship with Chelsea's shit than mine. Mine falls into a bowl of water which I flush away immediately. Chelsea's shit I get to pick up, smell and hold in a plastic bag. What do the aliens think watching the humans following behind our canine partners picking up their droppings? They must think they are running this country.

Oh, bad news. John died last weekend. I was out of town and Chelsea was hanging with Camille, her big sister. John's the man who appeared in the photo with Chelsea in the New York Times story. We both shed plenty of tears. We never expected him to go so quickly.


Sunday- June 16, 2002

Happy Father's Day! Chelsea is still in quest of her daddy. If anyone knows where he is, please direct him to the website so he can contact us.Chelsea is working hard these days at Cabrini Hospice. John, the older gentleman whose picture appeared in the New York Times story with Chelsea, has taken a turn for the worse, quite suddenly. He actually was at Cabrini waiting for a bed in a nursing home. He went there three weeks ago and got pnueumonia. Now he just lays there gasping for breath, barely conscious. We managed to get him up the other day and he had some soup. Later ... more... gotta go!

Tuesday- May 28, 2002

Chelsea and I appeared on the show Pure Oxygen (Oxygen Media - Channel 61 in NY) hosted by Stephanie Miller and Joe Piscopo. It aired Monday and today. They are going to rerun it in June. We'll let you know. They picked us in a limo and actually rolled out the red carpet for my little girl. And all the puppyrazzi shot her as she walked proudly down the rug. Whatever she wanted.she got.. champaign, steak, fine clothing, hair and makeup. I was lucky my feet showed up in the pre taped portion. I might end up in therapy having to deal with taking such a back seat. She better not forget who got her to where she is now.

We skooted on out of town for Memorial Weekend. Visited cousin in New England and had a great time. Chelsea fell in love with the large yard and managed to find a T Bone in the field. My cousins claimed it wasn't from their home since they don't eat red meat. My girl is the best food detective there is. Better go. She is home, really pissed off I didn't take her with me. I need some time ALONE, ok!

Sunday- May 12, 2002

An exciting week. Chelsea and I were on the Today show. We, of course, had our camera rolling capturing the behind the scenes. Katie Couric came into the Green Room, by the way, it's not green. She sighted Chelsea and recognized her from the NY Times story. "I read the article," she exclaimed petting Chelsea. "You must come over and put my dog in your film," she continued pretty excited. I have to admit Chelsea and I were pretty thrilled, too. Al Roker did our interview. It was over before I knew it. I felt like I didn't have much time. But we received lots of calls telling me how well we did. I question whether Al Roker is a dog person. Hey, that's okay.

We also received a package filled with letters from my niece's students in California. She used the NY Times story for teaching. They want to know all about Chelsea, what she eats, what is it like to be famous. Wow! How adorable! We will eventually post some of these on the site.

Also, Chelsea very generously received some stunning outfits from Woof Wear, cashmere sweaters, wool coats.

Got to go. Later.

Sunday- May 5, 2002

Too tired to write, talk or think. Just got home from a long day out in the sun. We shot today at the Dogs Walk Against Cancer. Met lots of interesting people including Bear, a search and rescue dog, who was at Ground Zero. Gotta go for now. More later.

Saturday- May 4, 2002

It's happening. Chelsea is being sighted. Five people stopped me today wanting to verify their suspicions. "Excuse, what's her name?" They ask while petting Chelsea. Even other humans who have black and white Shih Tzus have been stopped and asked if there little one was Chelsea. One guy emailed me telling me the way he found out about our site is because someone stopped him and asked if his Zoe was Chelsea.

In case you don't know it, The New York Times ran a feature story on the front cover of the Metro section with some pretty damn good pictures. The phone hasn't stopped. We will be on The Today Show (NBC) this Tuesday morning. So stay tuned.

Chelsea has just become unbearable.
I can't get five minutes alone. She is even following me into the bathroom, watching my every move. She's informed me that until I hire a bodyguard, I'm it. I can't even s.. h... i...t... without her staring at me. God forbid, I lock the bathroom door. She stands outside and whimpers, pulling everyone of my heartstrings. Who says success is easy?

Tuesday- April 30, 2002

It's time to start interviewing body guards for Chelsea. Fame is just around the corner. She already has me working on disguises for her. She says she wants to be available for her fans. However, she does admit to being a bit paranoid. She fears stalkers, Satan worshippers and kidnappers. Eventhough, I don't often agree with her, this time I can see where she is coming from. After much discussion I think the best disguise is another look a like Chelsea... not just one but two or three or four. Then the nutcase(s) will not know which Shih Tzu Diva is the real star. What do you think?

Friday- April 26, 2002

Where are the days, weeks going? Last week we had great shoot at Cabrini Hospice where Chelsea did her pet therapy. She insisted on wearing her rhinestone collar. Afterall she was being videotaped by the master filmmaker, Albert Maysles and photogrpahed by a pulitzer prize winning NY Times photographer. Oh, and of course, she had just returned from the beauty parlor. Chelsea was looking quite glamorous. Keep you eyes on the front cover of the Metro Section of the NY Times. You'll see the little Princess there. Last night we finished recutting the trailer including Chelsea's healing work. We've had several long days and Chelsea and I both miss our visits to the hospital.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we can be heard on a Nationally Syndicated Radio show called Pet Talk hosted by Bob Vella. You can all hear it live on the web at www.pettalk.com. I know it's not on the radio in NY or LA.

Here in NY, we've been enjoying various seasons within 24 hours. From heat wave to hail. You gotta love it! So passionate and unpredicable.

Chelsea is calling. She wants to go out for her morning run. I can feel my collar being yanked so I better go before I end up bruised. Have a great day!

Monday- April 15, 2002

Tax day. Do you know where your tax return is? Mine went off in the mail last week with some checks attached. That was the part that hurt. Still feeling the pain from it.

Chelsea and I returned last night from a great weeekend in Atlantic City. I managed to keep her away from the casino and focus on the mission at hand -- to find additional sponsors at the Pet Industry Conference in the Convention Center for our film. What a fun but exhausting couple of days. The first day Chelsea walked the carpet proudly next to me, charming the crowds. By the second day, I was wheeling her in her Pet on Wheels bag. People were looking down in the bag, which I kept open on the top, and wondered what was that black and white furry thing inside. Then I'd say, Chelsea and her face popped up and it was all, ahs, and oos .... "Oh, she's so cute!." There were some really neat companies there... who were selling unusual merchandise - for example, who would imagine a company which specializes in producing Jewish dog toys.Copa Judaica does.

And then was Fido & Co started by a 26 year old woman, Ming Liu,who got into it by making clothing and beds for her own dog.

And everybody was so NICE! No one had attitude... you know the kind of attitude you find in Hollywood or at the Cannes Film Festival. Chelsea, although, a Shih Tzu Diva, realized "attitude" was not going to work with this group. So she humbled herself and was fawned upon.

Saturday night we took a drive down to Cape May. I promised to show Chelsea this paradise. It's the southern tip of New Jersey with the highest concentration of Victorian homes. A picture book town and right on the ocean. Lots of romantic Bed and Breakfasts. After a coastal drive, a walk around, we dined in a local restaurant. What a great time we had!

I know I keep telling you I'm in quest of a husband, but now I'm beginning to question that. I had such a good time having wheels and exploring with Chelsea, I'm beginning to wonder if what I really need is just a car. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE BECOME AN OLD MAID? My libido went to sleep, I receive tremendous fulfillment from my work and Chelsea is the best companion I've ever had... certainly my longest relationship. AM I AN OLD MAID? . . . Oy!


Thursday- April 11, 2002

Tuesday was a long day for us. Chelsea was called to volunteer at St. Vincent's Hospital - demonstrating her therapy skills as an Austrian physician, who has been using animals for therapy for the last 14 years, observed. Then we were off to Cabrini Hospice to make our rounds and listen to a lecture on hospice care. One of the women we visited consistently, died when we were there. We were grateful to be there for the family. Her grandaughter who was so distraught, crying hysterically took Chelsea and held her in arms. I watched her calm down. Death...how to handle the griefing. I think and Chelsea realized it's just as important to be there for the family members as it is for the patients. At Cabrini we can come at anytime and since the patients are so ill you will find them up at any time. We didn't get home til midnight.

Yesterday was also a long day. In the evening, a lovely NY Times reporter came over. Emily, my web designer was working away as I poured my life story about the journalist. She stayed for hours and she informed me this is just the first time we shall meet. Next week, Albert Maysles is shooting Chelsea and I at Cabrini doing our thing. The NY Times will be there. I hope that we can pull this off with so many folks around. Is this feature story going to lead to a Hollywood contract for Chelsea? Stay tuned.


Sunday- April 7, 2002

I solved my carpel tunnel problem. Bought a Kensington Orbit mouse - with a track ball and lowered my keyboard. Chelsea's relieved. No more typing for her. Friday we went to Cabrini Hospice to volunteer. It's sad. Each time you return, even it's just a few days later, you will find patients who are no longer there...many who have passed away. And then there are new patients.They are in pain, crying out. One man, young, lied moaning in his sleep. Chelsea looked at him, sending him her love. And there are others who once they see Chelsea forget their pain. We returned home and Chelsea was pooped. It's a big job and sometimes it takes a lot out of her. In many ways, it's more demanding than her acting and modeling.

Chelsea doesn't know this so please don't tell her but I'm taking her away next weekend. We are headed to Atlantic City and Cape May.There is a pet industry convention in Atlantic City we are attending in quest of sponsors. I know Chelsea is going to insist I take her into the casino. I'm afraid once she get's a taste of the slot machines she might get addicted.And right now, she doesn't have dispensable income to play with. So, shall I left her see the excitement of a casino or just steer her to the beach? I know she will be thrilled to be on the sand again. There a few things she misses about Los Angeles and one are thebeaches and two are the sprawling lawns she got to run around in and the grasss she was able to rub her back against. And lots of kicking up her hind legs. Cement ground doesn't offer her any opportunity to dig.

Well gotta go. Later. Be good!


Friday- March 29, 2002

Ouch! If anyone has helpful hints on relieving carpel tunnel syndrome, please email me. My left wrist is swollen and it's excrutiating. I got the wrist brace and the ice pack. If this keeps up I will haveto teach Chelsea to take over the typing. I suppose she will resist and insist I get a voice activated computer. But her star attitude about working in the office and around the house must stop. What do you think? Chelsea wants me start producing merchandise. I told her that unless I see a decent interest and number of orders I'm not investing our dough and time. You can help Chelsea win this argument by emailing us by clicking on "contact us" and telling us what you would be interested in buying 1. Chelsea calendar
2. Chelsea greeting cards 3. T-shirt.

Tonight Chelsea and I headed out to Long Ilsand to celebrate Passover with family. Since Chelsea lives, as you know, an active life, but she doesn't have much opportunity to run freely in grass living in Manhattan, I decided to let her run in the yard. It was late and dark and the yard is not fenced in. Chelsea was having a great time and when I couldn't see her I'd call for her and she would come running back -- except for the last time. "Chelsea, Chelsea, come here!" I screamed probably waking up the neighbors. No Chelsea. I put on my shoes and coat, grabbed a flashlight from my brother and went out. One of the little boys went out to. I headed to the right and he went to the left. "Chelsea!" I called becoming more hysterical. "There she is," the little boy called out running towards her. I turned and ran in the dark and found my little princess giving the boy a run for his money. Finally, I managed to stop her and carried her inside. "Chelsea, you almost gave me a heart attack. Now, we're going in." Chelsea was unfazed by this and would have preferred to hang outside longer. I just couldn't handle the suspense. Afterall, how could I replace this star? And how would I explain her loss to all her fans.

Ouch, again!. Must get off this keyboard. "Chelsea, come over here and take over!" She's sound asleep and doesn't want to be bother. Later.

Monday- March 25, 2002

Chelsea has insisted we volunteer at Cabrini Hospice Center in NY. Neat place. Art work on the lavender walls, dim lighting. You'd never think you were in a hospital. Touching moments. Sometimes she drags me kicking and screaming but in the end I'm happy I went. We will be regulars there. Chelsea and I both seem to have an easy association with death and people who are passing. Perhaps because my dad was a funeral director and I saw dead bodies before I had dolls. Chelsea and I seem to agree there is life after death.

We headed out to Long Island this weekend. We were invited to dinner at some new friends home. Little did we know that Sidney, the Golden Retriever would be so territorial. It was impossible for both of them to be in the same room. What's that sound! Chelsea is snoring and it sounds like a whistle in her nose. So cute! Anyway, we managed to enjoy our Indian meal with our new friends when Sidney was locked up in another room. What a shame! I'm sure in time Sidney would get use to Chelsea's presence.


Tuesday- March 19, 2002

News! Legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Maysles Bros. -"Gimme Shelter", "Grey Gardens") who is up for an Oscar this year for a documentary and stars in our upcoming film A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY was going to shoot for us Chelsea's magical work with the elderly woman in the hospital (see March 3 entry) and the woman passed away last week. Stephanie Lafarge from the ASPCA who is also on our Board of Advisors suggested that Chelsea might have given this woman permission to die. Oddly enough, Chelsea has reacted this way to two other people right before they died. She starts talking to them and kissing them and they react. Perhaps thisis another one of her missions in life -- to help people at the end of their life. Hmm? Perhaps she is the dog version of Dr. Kevorkian. I've asked her but she's not talking. I guess time will tell as we visit more people. Stay tuned!

Sunday- March 3, 2002

Chelsea started working as a therapy dog at St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village this past week. Edna who runs the program is a sweet, wonderful older woman. She's had both hips replaced and uses a walker. This former hockey player in her youth makes the hospital rounds with a wheelchair but she is not sitting in the chair. She is pushing it. Chelsea decided she wanted to be pushed so I put her in the chair as 90 pound Edna pushed the little Princess. It was pretty funny sight. People kept stopping us and petting the diva. We headed up to the geriatric ward where we I experience almost a Touch by an Angel story.A woman asked if we could bring Chelsea in to visit her mom. Her mother had been out of it... in a stupor and on IVs. When I brought Chelsea in she transformed. She started talking to the woman and squirming in my arms trying to get close to her. I placed Chelsea on the elderly ladie's bed avoiding all the life support tubes. Chelsea was kissing her and talking to her. The woman's eyes opened as she looked at Chelsea and it even looked like she was tyring to smile. It was quite a moment. The daughter said her mother loves animals. It was if either Chelsea recognized this woman or knew she could help her. She was on mission and I never saw her like this. Tears came to my eyes as staff came in to observe. Chelsea is eager to go back. We will be sure to capture these moments on tape and share them with you in the upcoming film.

Friday- February 15, 2002

This morning Chelsea pooped in the house. … more than once, right in front of me. She was sick. She had diarreah. She didn’t look happy and then she threw up her entire breakfast…. Also, right in front me. We had just taken a shower together, little did I know how badly she was feeling. Then we had to run over to St. Vincent’s Hospital to have our badge made for our pet therapy work we will begin next week. Boy, I was thrilled we weren’t starting today. We are both pretty psyched about this work. I look forward to Chelsea performing miracles, helping people come out of comas, getting people to smile who doesn’t smiled, getting someone to talk who hasn’t talk in a while. We shall see what my little wonder girl could do with all her love.

As we were walking back from the hospital, Chelsea was once again pooped. This time it was just blood coming out of her tush. This was not the first time I’ve seen this but I was concerned and stopped by her vet only to learn he retired and there was a new doctor who replaced him. The receptionist informed me that there was a virus going around and lots of dogs were suffering from the same symptoms Chelsea has. I decided to have the new vet look at my princess. The vet, a woman, was quite nice and seems to be thorough. She noticed enlarged lymph nodes in Chelsea’s neck and decided to take out some cells to be tested. Oy! Now, I’m worried about my baby. Between Chelsea and me, we’ve been at the doctors quite a bit lately. I’m sure we are both fine but what’s life if you don’t worry and stress out.

I just had an MRI of my brain. Talk about having a panic attack. I had no idea what I was in for and I’m claustrophobic. I insisted the radiologist stay in the room with me as the technician ran the computer from the other room. I apologized for my behavior but there was no way anyone was going home today, if I didn’t have someone hold my hand during this. She was sweet but unfortunately had cold. Yesterday, I had a mammogram and the technician who was manipulating my breast, making sure they were flat as pancakes as she compressed them down, had a cold, too! Let’s see. Oh yeah, the woman who took my blood at my internistyesterday was coughing and congested. The nurse who took my blood two days ago for our upcoming volunteer work at the hospital also was sick. So, is it any surprise that my sinuses are filled?! I hate being sick!! So, I’m popping vitamins and am going to give it my best fight. Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m either a hypochondriac or a sickly person. None of the above. It’s just a coincidence that I suddenly am having all these tests but I promise I’m FINE and I pray Chelsea is, too!
Got to get back to work.

Monday- February 11, 2002

Chelsea and I went off to Penn Plaza to watch a few shows and mingle with future Westminster contestants. It was pretty wild. I thought I was a fanatic about my girl. I'm far from alone.

Tuesday- February 5, 2002

Florida turned out great. Got to see Chelsea's grandparents (my folks), and her newly born fraternal twin girl cousins. Rebecca cries all the time and her poop is spinach green. Sarah is quiet and her poop is mustard. Their parents (my brother and sister-in-law) believe Rebecca's crying has do to with her gaseous stomach. They are both SO cute! I know Chelsea wanted me to take home one of them but I just couldn't figure out how I could sneak her out without being noticed. Anyone got any ideas?

It's time to settle down into family life. My brother now has a family of seven and I have a family of two, Chelsea and moi.

Chelsea stayed home in New York and had a great time with Shanti, her husband. She chases him and he runs. Isn't that what human males do, too? Commitment issues?

This weekend lots of doggie stuff going on. Westminster Dog Show and lots of related events and schmoozes. We'll be there with camera in hand and post cards promoting the film and fundraising. If any of your are going to be there, send us an email
"contact us" and we'll see if could get you on camera.

Wednesday- January 30, 2002

Shush! Please don't say anything to Chelsea. Not yet, anyway. Change of plans. She is NOT going to Florida this weekend but going to spend the weekend with her husband, Shanti, and her mother-in-law. I think she'll be happy. We dropped by tonight to say hi and Chelsea was all excited. Besides, she is not so welcome in Florida. You might say her family down there is not dog crazy. And we always risk the chance of a flea attack.

Tonight Chelsea met a guy. We were hanging out at a friend's house watching some sicko, cheapo, horror, sex flick. Chelsea is far too snooty for this sort of entertainment so she decided to snuggle up to one of the cute guys on the couch. It was impossible to get in between them. I'm just amazed how she just wins them over. I think Chelsea should right a "RULES" book. What do you think? We're meeting a book agent next week. Later.

Tuesday- January 29, 2002

It's so WARM outside! Could it actually be in the sixites in New York in January?Perhaps it will snow in July. Chelsea is a snow bunny, having just discovered the fluffy white stuff last year when we relocated to New York. I told her not to worry that snow is on its way. If not, we'll travel to the snow.

We just made adorable postcards to pass around. Careful, you might be getting one in the mail soon. The heading is, "Do you and your pooch want to be in a movie?" You can check out the sponsorship page on this site for details. We are raising the rest of the dough to finish this masterpiece.

I just bought Chelsea a plane ticket for Florida. It's a surprise. She doesn't know it yet. We are going to visit her grandparents and her Uncle and Aunt and their newborn twins. Chelsea thinks we should take one of the twins. I told her that we'd have to ask permission and the chances are slim that they would be willing to give up one. Chelsea is trying to figure out a way to negotiate this. She says, "Hey, they've got five kids, what's one less? I need a sibling and at this rate it doesn't look like you're gonna provide me with one!" That hurt. She really knows how to stick the knife in and turn it. She must have learned that from her grandmother. My little devilish princess. Gotta go and fetch the bike. Yesterday we were riding and the brakes went out. That was spooky! Have a good one.


Sunday- January 13, 2002

Chelsea encouraged me to break up with the guy I was dating. Let's just say it wasn't working. A 45 year old man who has never been in a real, intimate relationship with a woman and is unusually tight with his mother ... a love fest goes on between them. He is not a perfect candidate for a serious partner. A nice enough guy and he was kind to Chelsea but it was hard to be the last on his priority list. In the end it was a mutual decision and boy do I feel much better. Chelsea, though is on my case to find a proper mate. She really wants a family. Tired of being the only kid. So, if you've got any prospects... a smart, kind-hearted, passionate, successful guy who is ready for that special person to share life with, please have him write to chelsea@dogamentary.com. She is doing the screening. Oh, a photo, please.

Last night we had a scare. Chelsea and I met two black and white Cocker Spaniels. They looked harmless until one of them attacked Chelsea. His mouth clamped down on her. I flipped out. The owner of the dog just stood there. What is wrong with these people! My life practically passed before me. I immediately bent down and picked up Chelsea with my one available hand. I was sure that I'd see blood dripping from her. Nothing. Not even a wet spot from saliva. Chelsea seemed unfazed by this. She walked away with her tail wagging. What gives? I almost had a heart attack. Is this what we call, child's play?

Thursday- January 3, 2002

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So we ended up going up to the country for the New Years. A friend of mine, Lori, Chelsea's Godmother, is in town and we were invited to a black tie affair in a private lodge. A guy friend Chelsea and I've been hanging with now and then has a house up there. We danced the night away. Chelsea, although she loves to dance, chose to stay in the country house and have a peaceful night. We returned at three in the morning, a bit tipsy. She insisted we all take a glass of water and aspirin so we wouldn't end up with a hangover. We did as she told us. It was gorgeous waking up and seeing the snow falling on the meadow. Now back in the city. Chelsea got me up at 6AM to go for a jog by the river. I don't where she got all this energy this morning. She was busy schlepping me. And bystanders were getting a huge laugh watching a grown woman being pulled by a little dog. I have a few aches and pains but am happy to yanked me out of bed. It's so easy to pass on exercise and I'm thrilled she is taking the lead here. Later!

Monday- December 31, 2001

Back in New York. Air France bumped me up to business class. Nice! Fetched Chelsea last night. She had a quite a time. It wasn't easy convincing her to come home with me. Tonight is New Years. Wow! haven't even made plans yet. Will write more later.

Friday- December 28, 2001

Writing from Paris. Today is my birthday. Feel free to send your best wishes and I won't refuse any gifts. Another year has passed. Where do they go?

I haven't been to Paris in at least six or seven years. Love this city. Chelsea, unfortunately couldn't join. As I mentioned earlier, Air France doesn't allow dogs on board who way more than 11 pounds. But you can travel with your dog onboard Delta Just as long as your baby can fit under the seat. It turns out a friend of mine (David) bumped into Chelsea and her mother-in-law, Ronee, and Chelsea's husband, Shanti, on the streets in Tribeca, NY. He knew Chelsea but didn't know the others. I had shown him 25 minutes of the film and voila, there they were. The dynamic duo...mother and son! Anyway, David must of had his digital camera with him and snapped a few pix of them. I arrived to Paris missing my little girl, I go online and there she is on Christmas day.

I know people say the French love their dogs and you see them everywhere but quite honestly I think you see more dogs in Greenwich Village. It's been raining and I'm only gone for a few days so Chelsea seems to be okay with that.

I wonder what Chelsea and Shanti are doing? Ronee insists that Shanit is a man of intergrity and very faithful and loyal. We'll see. You know how men can be?

Gotta go and do some shopping for my birthday party. I started coming to Paris many years ago. Hence, I have friends here whom I more or less grew up with. One of my dear friends, Michel (that's a boy), who is a doctor living in a small village five hours from Paris is driving here specially to see me. One day I will finally learn the langue and spend some significant time here.



Monday- December 24, 2001

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm rushing to get out of here, a five day trip to Paris. Chelsea, unfortunately, isn't joining. I haven't broken the news to her yet. In fact, I'm just about to. She is staying with Ronee, her mother-in-law, who adores her. Anyway, may all your dreams and wishes come true in the new year. Lots of love from us.


Thursday- December 13, 2001

There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle called "Wagging tails have healing power. Therapy dogs help those who lost loved ones in Sept. 11 attacks" about the impact of dogs with the grieving people of the WTC disaster. I was quoted, or should I say misquoted. I understand that my picture with Chelsea was published. I received a phone call from someone from my long ago past who lives in Berkeley and read the story. Wild. Great to connect with her again.

On a different note, Chelsea has been asking me to take her to Paris. I bought the airline tickets and made all the plans. Tonight I received horrible news. Air France won't allow dogs on board that weigh more than 11 pounds. If they are slightly over they will go on as cargo.CARGO! I told them to put me on as cargo and give her my seat. There is NO way I would ever allow that. "But she is a celebrity," I pleaded. Sorry. Can Chelsea lose 2 1/2 pounds in a weeks time. I doubt it. We have both lost our motivation for jogging. I've been under the weather and she's been hibernating. I haven't broken the news to her yet. I'm devastated. Don't even want to go if she can't come. But all is paid for and I really want to visit my friends over there. So, I just spoke to Chelsea's mother-in-law who loves her and can't wait for Chelsea to come and visit. Oh, you didn't know Chelsea is married. Yeah, it was an arranged marriage. Chelsea married Shanti, a long haired Shih Tzu. He is referred to as a male dressed in drag. Ronee is Shanti's mom. She also has long, gorgeous hair. She does all of Shanti's grooming. And when Chelsea stays there she also enjoys human male attention from her father-in-law, Billy Harper. Have you heard of him? Billy is an incredible jazz musician with a fan club. Quite known. Ronee, who is white, and Billy who is black, said they decided to buy a black and white dog to represent them. They are doting parents and great in laws. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws. I told Ronee I wouldn't mind if someone arranged a marriage for me. Then, maybe I'd be married by now. Tired of these short, tumultous relationships. Plus, I don't like to get Chelsea excited that she might have a dad in her life if it's not going to last. Anyway, Chelsea wants me to let you know she is looking for a dad... who also will be my husband. We have that slot to fill. Candidates could email, preferably include a pix. Chelsea will judge. They are in the dogamentary and hysterical.

We have more or less finished the shooting. We now need to raise the finishing funds. If you want to pitch in and help in this area, you contribution will be a tax deduction and your name will be in the credits. Just send us an email and we'll give you the details.


Friday- December 7, 2001

What's new? Chelsea and I love working at the Family Assistance Center. It's pretty amazing to see how much joy she brings to all the people, including the staff and volunteers. Most of the people working there from the Red Cross workers to SBA workers are all folks who have come from other parts of the country and they really miss their home. They look forward to seeing Chelsea each week. In fact, we have requests to go to various stations eager to see Chels again. And then there are the family members, some who have decided to buy a dog, and they look at Chelsea, and her breed as a potential pet. We are even getting interviewed by the press for this fantastic work. Keep your eyes peeled on the San Francisco Chronicle and Nick News on Nickelodean.

Delta Society is the non-profit we are certified with. I can't say enough great things about them. In fact, today, I met Linda Hines, one of the founders. Talk about an empowering and pioneering woman. If you want to get out their with your pet and help others in need and it doesn't have to be a dog, it could be a rabbit, a cat, a guinea pig, whatever, I suggest you contact Delta Society. They are all over the country. Check out their website.

Anyway, on a different note, we are having unseasonably warm weather in New York. Chelsea is unsure what to make of it. She's even huffing and puffing from the temperature. I'm not complaining. My blood is thin and I love only wearing four layers versus ten. Gotta go. Chelsea wants dinner. She doesn't know I have a huge surprise for her. A beef rib!

Saturday- November 24, 2001

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Chelsea and I have had four turkey meals already. Pretty stuffed. Two in the city and two in the country. That's we are right now.Chelsea is hanging out with her friend Simone, a pretty dynamite Cockapoo, who is fifteen years old. I pray Chelsea looks that good when she is fifteen. Nisa, Simone's human mother, feeds him carrots. I wonder if that's the answer to keeping ones youth. Maybe I should start munching on those orange sticks. I found a cafe in Margaretville where I could take my laptop and plug in. Yeah!

Thursday- November 8, 2001

"A star is born, 'dogamentary' is producer's pet project" is the headline of the story which appears this week in the local downtown paper called The Villager. A nice human interest story but they misprinted Chelsea's phone number. It's 212 714 8364. She's pretty annoyed. Why don't you give her a call and tell her you're a fan. She's impossible to be around when she doesn't get what she wants. Not only is she a control freak but a perfectionist. Perhaps that's why she's been acting up. When Chelsea is pissed off, she pisses in the bathroom and I don't mean in the toilet... on the bathroom rug!. She sure knows how to push my buttons.

The film looks like it's no longer a short 30 minute film, probably feature length. Chelsea and I have been in the edit room. We intended to cut just a five minute segment to use to raise some funds. The material is so hysterical ... especially the audition scene where we are looking for a stand in for the princess, it's already 15 minutes long -- and this is only a small part of the story. Brace yourselves, this is really FUNNY, funnier than "Best in Show". Just imagine seeing life from her point of view with her little head in the bottom of the frame. When an American Bulldog walks in with his master to our Shih Tzu casting session (Chelsea has now refused to work and has demanded a stand in.) it's a free for all. Buddy, short for Budweiser, the bulldog, terrorizes the Shih Tzus and their owners and then tops it all by lifting his leg and peeing on the velvet curtain. "The enemy sent him," Ronee, mother of Shanti, Chelsea's future husband, a long-haired Shih Tzu explains as she catches her breath. "There is something wrong with him," she continues.

We can get this puppy finished in a couple months time with some funds in hand. If you want to be an angel, get your name in lights, or just help out, let Chelsea know. She's starting to get restless. The other day she saw a rich guy and went for his wallet. Unfortunately, he only had five dollars cash and an expired credit card.

Gotta go. Later!


Friday- November 2, 2001

My little girl is so smart. Chelsea was just certified by Delta Society and she is a now a therapy dog. She gets to do pet therapy. Not go to a therapist but be one! That's right. Help those human souls who are in need of some loving. She had her first assignment this week. We went into the Family Assistance Center here in NY at the Pier. It's the place where Family members of victims and others who have suffered losses go to get help. There are no journalists who are allowed in so you wouldn't have seen it on TV. But I can tell you it's amazing. It's huge... like a large convention. There is a day care area where parents can leave there kids as they stand on line and tend to their problems. This is where they hand out death certificates for those lost at the World Trade Center, urns filled with dust, fund from various sources including The United Way. There is free food and lots of it Chelsea was a hit. Not only was she offering comfort to family members but to the volunteers and staff which include the Red Cross, Police, FBI, and Firemen. Several asked if she was on tranquilizers. "No, she is mellow," I explained. We are back next Tuesday. Chelsea is anxious to get to the country this weekend. So we are heading there for a couple of days. Gotta to go. Have a good one!

Thursday- October 25, 2001

I just heard some eerie news. A friend of mine was standing on line in Costco in New Jersey when she noticed a Middle Easter looking man buying $15,000 worth of candy. She notified authorities and they discovered he had a house full of candy. What do you think he is planning on doing with it? I'd think twice about trick or treating with my kids. Chelsea has her bat costume all ready but I already told her we not going to be trick or treating for candy. She's bummed. Better be safe than sorry. There is the big Greenwich Halloween parade. Wonder how that will go.

Wish us luck. This Sunday Chelsea and I have our evaluation to become Pet Partners with Delta Society. I had get Chelsea a full exam. The vet told me her anal glands were compacted. He said,"Hold her tightly." And he put his finger right up there. She was squirmming and crying and I was becoming faint thinking about what he was doing to her. Especially when he said looking at me, "I can't get it. It's not coming out." She screamed. I felt her pain so much that I just about passed out. His nurse had to find me a seat as I put my head between my legs. In any event, the doctor was successful and Chelsea's been having several bowel movements a day.What a shitty topic! Gotta go! Cheers.

Monday- October 15, 2001

Each morning Chelsea does her best to embarrass me as we run by the river. She is busy sprinting and I'm trying to keep up with her, huffing and puffing away. What a show off. The worse part are her sudden stops when she decides to sniff something and then mark the territory. The good news is we are both getting into shape. We run down as far as you can go these days which is about a couple blocks north of Stuveysant High School. That's where the barge is that transports the World Trade Center debris to Staten Island. We met a Parks worker who was posted there and stopped to chat. He shared his story. He was stationed across from the Trade Center when it happened. He witnessed the first and second plane go into the Towers. He lost 8 friends there and 3 family members in the plane which down in Pennsylvania. He has been in counseling and was told the best therapy was to go back to Ground Zero. He did and was dealing with as best he could. He asked if he could pick up Chelsea. Chelsea was happy to be in his arms. As we were talking he jumped. It was the sound of the crane. "You see, I can't even handle that," he told me. Chelsea and I gave him a big hug and said good-bye.


Friday- October 5, 2001

Just a quick hello from us. Chelsea's had a quiet week while I was off checking out the IFP film market. We are off to the country once again. Chelsea is pretty serious about her time in the woods. And when opportunity knocks we better take it. More later.

Saturday- September 29, 2001

Chelsea and I are back in the country. It's a cold, wet day and the leaves are beginning to change. It's not easy to escape and forget what took place 9/11 just 30 blocks from our house. The only survivor which was dug out from the World Trade Center recently was a white pigeon they called "hope". Guiliani has decided to not allow cars with only one driver into the city to encourage using public transportation. There are check points everywhere. Chelsea and I are still in psychological recovery as I'm sure many of you are. We received so many calls from all over the world. Everyone so concerned. Just click on "30 Blocks Away" to read a story I wrote about our World Trade Center experience. Also, stay tuned for some more pages. Chelsea is interested in doing some pet therapy. I told her she needs to get certified which means studying and taking a test. She hates school but I'll see if I can convince her.

Saturday- September 15, 2001

What has happened from September 7th to now is indescribable. On 9/11 the World Trade Center were attacked. Two American planes were hijacked and flown directly into the towers. They collapsed soon after. Thousands of people died immediately. Bodies buried beneath a crumbled city. The world will never be the same again.

The morning of the tragedy I was working on my computer when the phone rang. It was nearly nine in the morning. It was my mother phoning from Florida to inform me that a plane went into the World Trade Center. I should go out to the river to see. Chelsea and I live just over a mile from the World Trade Center. I quickly turned on the TV and watched the breaking news. Chelsea was still asleep. I didn't know whether to shield her from this news or inform her. We hadn't gone for our morning walk yet and I knew she would find out once we were outside. I woke her and told her that something awful had happened. Chelsea told me not to worry that she needed to go out for a walk or she would have an accident. We headed to the river. What saw was a huge fire in one World Trade Center Tower and another plane going into the other one. There were hundreds of Wall Street people walking north on the path, talking on their cell phones. I stopped and looked, talking to some other folks. I knew that this was the beginning of something bad. Chelsea didn't think the tower would collapse but it did. The next couple of days I was called to action and volunteered. Chelsea is ready to set up a Pet Therapy unit. She is so aware of the comfort canines give to humans, especially humans in distress. Chelsea and I believe that this nation is strong and so is democracy and we shall overcome!

We express our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones and send our greatest appreciation to all the support we have been giving.


Friday- September 7, 2001

Keep your eyes open for the NY Post this Sunday. Julia Szabo wrote a feature story about us for her Pet column. Chelsea is concerned they will publish the photo of us French kissing. It's a weird thing. No sexual connotation. She is just so excited to see me when I come home that she can't stop licking my face and lips and sometimes her tongue slips in. At first I thought it was disgusting but now I play a game with her. I catch her tongue. Okay, get a grip! It's not what you think. I'm sure some of you out there can relate. Right? We are not alone, are we?It looks like stardom is just around the corner. Been shooting lots of photos of Chelsea in her new outfits. It's amazing what's happening. Doggie retailers and manufacturers are sending Chelsea stuff. Sylvia co-founder of Global Pet Products http://www.globalpetproducts.com sent us a black mesh pet pocket carrier and hat. We had it on for barely a minute when admirers were asking us where we got it. It's incredibly comfortable to wear and your baby who is really a dog gets to keep her legs together instead of standing up like a baby with legs hanging out. Chelsea is really happy in it and enjoys the ride when her feetsy are tired. Petsmart http://www.petsmart.com has just sent a Halloween costume and trendy trench coat for my little starlet. I guess we'll be trick a treating this year. If you are looking for a pet friendly hotel in NY, I recommend Hotel Wales on Madison Avenue between 92nd and 93rd. They were so kind they allowed us to use their interior space and roof for a photo shoot.

Gotta get back to work. Later.

Monday- September 3, 2001

Labor Day weekend is almost over taking the summer with it. Fall is arriving with a cool breeze. Chelsea and I once again fled the city for a few days. This time we were up in the Catskills where she met Simon. A ten year old white fluffy dog with lots of energy. Simon and his mom hosted us. Chels and Simon got into several good games of tag and there was lots of grass and woods to play in. This time I met a cute guy. A friend of our host. He came for dinner. Can't tell if he was befriending me to get closer to Chelsea. I don't think so because he was concerned about his allergy to cats and dogs. There was a cat in the house too. Poor guy was all stuffed up with tearing eyes. Couldn't have been Chelsea. She's hypo-allergenic. Right? Hope not. Sure would like to see this guy again. First time I met someone in a LONG time I wanted to sit closer to on the couch. Anyway, we shall see. Chelsea told me not to think about him. If he calls, he calls. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I wonder where she heard that line from. Anyway, it's good to know I'm alive. When our stay was over Chels planted herself on the grass and refused to get in the car. We argued back and forth. She wants a country house. She loves the city but as she explains needs to hear the birds sing, chase a few squirrels and rabbits, smell the fresh cut green grass and hear the rustling of leaves. I told her once she starts making some serious dough we will discuss buying a house in the country but until then she should be grateful for all our excursions. "Grateful!", she exclaimed, "You should be grateful I'm your dog-ter!" That was it for me. End of discussion. We didn't even look at each other all the way back to the city.


Tuesday- August 28, 2001

Chelsea did another modeling gig last Friday. She walked in like a star and left with a multicolored rhinestone collar. After that there was only one place to head... the Hamptons. Chelsea mingled with artists, ran free on the beach and receive lots of full body massages from her admirers. Keep your eyes on the NY Post. They just interviewed us. It will run in September on a Sunday...not sure which day. Will get to you on that. Anyway, we've got a run. Chelsea has been invited up to the mountains.We are leaving shortly and she hasn't even packed yet. I have to do everything for this princess.

Tuesday- August 21, 2001

Last weekend Chelsea and I went up to the country to a music festival. It's hard to keep her still once the music starts. If I don't pick her up, move with the groove and swing her around she gives me one of those looks. The day was pretty hot but Chels and I managed to survive with lots of drinking. Once the sun starting setting and magic hour hit our energy rose. The Harlem Gospel Group had everyone up and it was a good time. Just being in the woods, on the grass away from the city was relaxing.

Thursday- August 16, 2001

Where has the time gone? Monday was pretty traumatic. Chelsea needed to get her teeth cleaned. The doctor informed us that gum disease was lurking in the future. It's so hard to get Chelsea to brush her teeth and then when I try to give her a helping hand, sure enough, she clamps down right on my hand. So there was no choice but to knock her out and take care of the plaque. But Chelsea being my dog-ter shares my sensitivity to drugs. The doctor told me Chels would be back to normal by the next day. Next day? She was still walking into walls, drooling on herself, and had her tongue hanging out. It's a good thing we didn't have a photo shoot or a TV guest appearance to do. She looked like an old lady who lost control of her functions. I was beginning to worry but she snapped out of it by the third day. Next time, I'll insist the doctor to take it easy on the dosage. Got a run. More later.


Tuesday- August 7, 2001

It arrived! The catalogue that Chelsea modeled for - "In the Company of Dogs". There she is on page 16 looking more glamorous than ever in the Classic Rattan dog carrier. Just in case you want a catalogue call 800 924 5050. Lots of unusual items. Go to http://www.inthecompanyofdogs.com and then type in D1025 on the top where it says enter Product Number and you will see the star.

Today Chelsea and I had a first time experience. We trapped a mouse. We had seen the little creature running around for the last few weeks but tonight we said our farewell. It was sad watching it struggle to get off the glue trap but we knew it was an "us" or "them" situation. We know there are more around here because the one who died tonight was scrawny and the one we saw earlier in fact in a staring contest was plump. No matter how creepy it is to have a mouse or two or three running around your home (doesn't encourage walking barefoot or laying on the floor) it's still a sad sight to watch it die. Chelsea couldn't stop looking and she was no help when it all ended. And I nearly collapsed from fear and then remorse. One call to our lovely neighbor Vincent and within seconds he came in to rescue the ladies. With his aide we managed to pick up the body and throw it out... outside, okay, not down the toilet! And for Vincent's bravery and help all I had to do was give him a haircut. Not bad.

Time to get Chelsea into bed. It was a long, emotional day for both of us.

Sunday- August 5, 2001

Chelsea insisted I make her her own business cards. It was hard to argue with her about this. Afterall she is constantly stopped and admired and now she can pass out her card and direct her fans to her website. If you happen to see us on the streets, stop us and say hi and Chelsea will give you her funny card.

It's been a hot week here in New York. And the heat makes Chels real sluggish. She goes from behaving like a spunky teenager to a senior citizen looking for her wheelchair. The other day we were returning from a walk and Chelsea slowly followed me into the elevator. I did as I always do, separated our leash attachment so she could run to the apartment when the door opened. The door opened and I went out first, thinking Chelsea was right behind me. In a blink of an eye, the doors closed and Chelsea was still in the elevator. Oh, my God! I couldn't get the doors to open and the elevator was gone. I ran down the stairs to the floor below. The door opened and there was NO Chelsea. I was flipping out. I told the doorman to put out a SOS and I proceeded to run up the stairs and started checking every floor. My heart was pounding. How could I have done such a stupid thing? What if someone steals Chelsea and uses her in a medical experiment? I needed to find my DOG-ter. The thought of losing Chelsea even by natural means is painful enough nevermind losing her from my careless action. "Chelsea, Chelsea!" I screamed from floor to floor. Where is she? I knew that she was wearing a tag with her phone number on it. Surely some nice person would find her and then call me. I climbed up another set of stairs ... the ninth floor. I was sure she was gone. "Chelsea, where are you?" Coming around the corner was a little, black and white, tired sweet girl. My girl, my little Chelsea. Her tail wagged and so did mine as I picked her up and showered her with kisses. I put her down and she gave me a look. The look she gives me when I know she is going to punish me. The punishment ... I have do anything she asks me to do. Yup, I went out and cooked her a steak that night. I put my foot down when she also demanded lobster. Enough is enough! It was an accident! Boy, she can lay the guilt on.


Sunday- July 29, 2001

Chelsea is sound asleep in her Sherpa bag resting on the chair next me in this Javanet Cafe in North Hampton, MA. It's been a full weekend. First a five hour drive which is usually 3 hours up to the Berkshires The roads were a parking lot. We arrived to our friends and were greeted with open arms from not only the adults but the kids too. Lots of kids running after Chels. Chelsea has many fans and usually I can control them but her very young fans get so carried away when they see her, and move quicker than my reflexes it's hard to prevent the little finger headed right to Chelsea's eye or the sudden jump on her. I did manage to get her some free time away from her young fans. And Chelsea then became a fan herself to the bunny rabbit which was caged on the porch. Chelsea was insistent we let Bunny out of his cage. Chels and Bunny were inseparable. Sniffing each others tushes, playing chase and then just hanging out together enjoying the country air. All Chelsea could think about was Bunny. She must of had quite a dream because all night long the strangest sounds were coming out of her. Perhaps she was dreaming about she and Bunny running off and having Bunnypups. Anyway, it was impossible to tear her away from Bunny. When Chels woke up in the morning she had no interest in breakfast (What, Chels not interested in food!), no interest in going for her morning walk. She was obsessed with Bunny. One last chase, sniff and kiss and then Chels and I were off to our next stop to visit California friends who moved to Leeds, MA. (By the way, I had to promise Chelsea's new young fans in the Berkshires when we were leaving that we would be back soon. Have you ever seen a five year go crazy?) Now at our next stop, Chelsea was greeted by a four year old ...adorable, macho, hyper boy and a precious young seven year old girl. Chelsea was still trying to recuperate from her earlier visit and now was bombarded by energy she had never experienced. With the sun baking, the boy jumping on her Chelsea begged me to get her away. So that's what I did. We are now sitting in an air conditioned cafe enjoying the cool and the peace. Oh, it's after 8:00. We have to head back. Wish us luck!

Sunday- July 22, 2001

Chelsea's friend Mugsy, another Shih Tzu, invited us out to Fire Island. It was a great adventure. Mugsy and Chelsea played chase on the beach and then skinny dipped in the ocean to cool off. Chelsea is a major flirt and it's apparent to others. Chris, Mugsy's mother, couldn't believe how Chelsea picked out the cutest guys on the beach and ran directly to them. It was almost impossible to get her away. When I'd call her she go behind them, dig a whole and plop her body into it. As if I couldn't see her. After the beach we went back to Mugsy and Chris' house and then Chelsea and I had a first time experience. Two deer, mommy and child, came within a few feet of us and just stood there staring. I have seen many deer in my life but never any who didn't run for their lifes when they spotted a human. Chelsea started moving a bit closer and mother deer put her foot down. She obviously didn't want Chelsea crossing the invisible line between us. It was hard to decide who was on exhibit here. Us or the deer. They looked hungry and I wanted to feed them but I was quickly informed they have ticks and it's best to keep my hands to myself. After a good fifteen minutes of staring at each other it was time to say good-bye and head for dinner. Where were the deer heading for dinner I wondered.

This morning I received bad news. Chelsea's great uncle Seymour died in his sleep last night. Supposedly he was fine yesterday and last night and all were shocked. We just saw him a few weeks ago and Chelsea asked him if we could get together and videotape an interview with him about the family. He was one of the last survivors who had all his facilities and we didn't want the information to go with him. Well, guess what? It will. Chelsea kept bugging me to call him and set up the meeting but I procrastinated. Now it's too late. I learned a hard lesson. Don't put anything off which you can do today.

Friday- July 20, 2001

Happy this week is coming to an end. Been pretty hectic. Chelsea needed a break last night. Did I tell you she loves to dance? An astrology once stop us and asked me what her sign was. I told her a Pisces. "They love to dance!" the astrology responded, "I'm a Pisces, too!" Go figure. Anyway, last night we headed up to Lincoln Center where they had an evening of wonderful music and ballroom dancing. The plaza was packed with outstanding dance couples and thrilled spectators. Chelsea and I did a little Lindy but she wanted more. She wanted to keep going. She began looking for a new dance partner. And I guess it isn't too cool to be seen dancing with your mother. She kept finding cute guys and positioning herself in front of them. Then she wiggled her behind, wagged her tail and gave each of them a flirtatious look. How could they resist such cuteness. Before you knew it, she was being swung around by a gorgeous hunk. "Hi, remember me," I called from the bleachers. No response. "Chels, find out if he has a brother. We can double date," I called out again. No response. What's mother to do?

Sunday - July 15, 2001

Chelsea sent me to web design class last week. She said that I needed to learn how to do these pages because she is always getting new ideas and it would be too costly for her to keep hiring a designer to update the site. We managed to get a partial grant and I sat sequestered in a room with eight others, several who already had made websites, knew html code or were graphic designers. I tried my hardest to be teacher’s pet but it was apparent that as the dumbest in the group I wasn’t going to obtain that position. So instead I paid close attention, bothered the nice woman next to me with questions when I couldn’t get the teacher’s attention. There were even a couple of times my classmate completely ignored me when I asked her a question during the teacher’s demo. How annoying I must have been. I wouldn’t want to sit next to me in a class. Anyway by day four I was well on my way, of course with the complete handholding of my teacher, (a nice Jewish girl who grew up on Long Island in the same area I grew up in) to creating the photo gallery pages. Chelsea had already selected the photos, written the copy and told me how she wanted them laid out (Is that how you spell "laid" here? Please email me with the answer at info@dogamentary.com?) All I needed was the know how. And now I had it. So please take a look at the photo gallery. There will be a few minor changes along the way and I’m sure Chels will have me updating the pix.

It’s a beautiful day here in NYC. The sun is shining, no humidity, not too hot, just perfect. How about by you?

Tuesday - July 10, 2001

Chelsea and I escaped to the Hamptons for the weekend. I should say half a weekend. We were invited by a beautiful black Cocker Spaniel named Suzie. Suzie had a rough childhood. Beaten to the point of having her jaw broken leaving her tongue in a hanging out position. But Suzie is doing much better these days with her new human caretaker. Unfortunately, her new human caretaker and I didn't seem to have much of a connection and Chelsea and Suzie weren't at a love lost without each other too. So after Suzie's human caretaker, a pyschologist who ironically specializes in anger management, in the midst of a traffic jam, had a fit, stopped the car, threw the keys at me and told me to drive, he was walking, I knew the weekend was over. Chelsea gave me a look like what's the fastest way back to the city. That was Saturday night. By 9:00 AM Sunday we were on the way back to New York. Relieved to be home and free.Chelsea wants to know what's with these shrinks? Anybody know? What

Monday - July 2, 2001

It's cooled off. Feels like a fall day. Chelsea and I managed to wake fairly early. And she was pretty sprite today during her walk. We met Murphy, a beautiful Irish setter. Murphy runs around off leash and keeps his mom chasing him. But it's obvious she has nothing to worry about. As soon as he gets to the curb he stops, sits and waits for mom to cross. Not bad. Although Chels had free reign in Los Angeles most of the time, I'm still not comfortable in New York. Besides, we have become so co-dependent that the leash makes both of us feel more secure. Abandonment issues. Anyway, Chels ran after Murphy today and I ran after Chels (had to, was attached to her). Wherever Murph lifted his leg and marked, Chels followed right in the same spot. It was all fun and games, lots of running, tall wagging. A good morning walk.

Saturday - June 30, 2001

Hot. It's so hot today. And the air condition is not working in this cafe. I bought a $2 battery operated hand fan. It's resting on the table aimed directly at my face. What relief! I highly recommend you treat yourself to one of these pocket size, sweat prevention devices.Chelsea took me to a birthday party last night in Brooklyn. It's always an adventure just getting out of the hood exploring new streets, new architecture, new smells. And Chelsea, although female, enjoys some male traits. She is a marker. Yup, she needs to leave her pee on almost every other tree, post, newspaper stand and building we pass. And she even lifts one of her legs like a male dog. The pee ends up running down her leg. You'd think she'd realize this by now. After 15 pees you you know her leg is wet and you begin wondering how she has anymore pee left. And then you look closer and realize she is FAKING it. Nothing is coming out of her.

So where was I? Oh, on the way to the party. So it took quite a while to get to Paul's apartment with all the stops Chelsea insisted on making Come to a BBQ rooftop birthday party, Paul wrote in his email. Getting onto the rooftop you might say was not conventional. "Which way, Paul?" "Out that window, " Paul responded. If you were standing near me when I climbed out you’d get a panty flash. Was wearing a short dress. Once out the window you were now on the fire escape. You had to head down to get to the party. As I held Chelsea with one hand and the other on the railing I went carefully down. I could feel Chelsea's tense body and her nails digging into me. But once down it was party time. Barbecue burgers, hot dogs, chicken, corn, booze, beer, music, good conversation yada, yada, yada. Nice bunch of people. Chelsea finagled several massages from innocent admirers. Found enough scraps on the ground to satisfy her along with the animal protein I fed her.

Damn, the batteries died in my hand fan. The temperature is rising here. The woman at the counter is fanning herself with her hand. Don't think I'll last much longer with this stifling heat. Don't want to leave you hanging, not finish the story so I'll cut to the chase. We had a swell time, by 1 AM Chelsea was ready to go home although I could have kept going. So we said our good-byes and grabbed a car service and headed back to the city. We arrived home and opened our door and immediately felt the coolness from the air conditioning. Ahhh... yes... time to sleep.

Wednesday - June 20, 2001

Chelsea had a haircut yesterday. I’m embarrassed to say that it has been three months since her last professional grooming. I’ve been bathing and trimming her along the way. The groomer has renamed Chelsea. Guess what? Drama Queen. Why? Because Chelsea is a screamer and I don’t mean when she is having sex. She’s never had sex, okay. She’s a screamer when anyone trims her nails and cleans out her pads. "We do this all day long to dogs and they don’t think any about it. Don’t worry we got it done. But it took two of us. She’s a drama queen," exclaimed the groomer. "Thanks, Mel, maybe I spoil her." My little Drama Queen is tightening her leash once more.

Today I got Chelsea up, fed her so she’d have her nourishment and headed to the river for her morning training. She was more interested in sniffing, peeing and poo pooing (how do you spell that?) than running. Okay, I know it’s gotten hot outside but I’ve been doing this early and in the shade on the pier by the river. I must keep her in shape. You know photographs and film add pounds to your figure.

Chelsea’s grandparents are in from out of town. They live in Florida, otherwise known as" God’s waiting room" according to mother. Grandpa, Dad to me, said, "Does Chelsea have to go for a (he spelled out W A L K? as if Chelsea would understand the word "walk". "No, Dad, I just took her out."

Have to go. They’re calling us.


Tuesday - June 12, 2001

I had nothing to do with it. Some friends decided to get stoned. Not me. I never touch the stuff… really… never! Well, maybe once, but I didn’t inhale. Really, kills my throat and makes for a horrible coughing spell. My friends asked if I minded. "No, of course not." After they each took a few hits, inhaling and exhaling, a heavy cloud was hovering over us. I started feeling lightheaded and Chelsea who was innocently sleeping on the couch, between them, lifted her head and started licking her chops furiously. Joe and Schmo (not their real names… need to protect their innocence) began laughing uncontrollably staring at Chelsea. Schmo altered his voice, pretending to be Chelsea, "Doritos, please." Ah, ha! Was Chelsea stoned, and now had the munchies? Surely she must have felt something based on how it hit me. After a few more giggles, my friends split, I went back to work and Chelsea crashed harder than I ever saw her. A couple of hours later I said to her. "Chelsea, it’s time for bed. Let’s go." She was out, not even lifting a single eye brow. What did I do to my little girl? I lifted her in my arms like a baby and carried her home. All night long the oddest sounds came from her. Could it have been the dreams she was having? Perhaps she was dreaming about the cute Terrier we met earlier.

What is interesting to note is that she usually has no appetite before 11:00 AM. She is very European. But this morning she was ravished. She ate all her food, even the dry kibbles which she only eats in desperation at the end of the day when she knows she ain’t getting anything else.

Chelsea is giving me a dirty look. She is so passive aggressive. I’ve only be on the computer for four hours straight. How much attention does she need? If only she had a little brother or sister to hang with then I wouldn’t feel so pressured.

"I’m looking, Chels, for a daddy for you so you can have a sibling to hang out with."

Gotta go.


Sunday - June 3, 2001

Today I got up at 6AM but tossed and turned for another 17 minutes. When I looked over at Chelsea she was breathing heavy and I couldn't bare to wake her up. Afterall, she's use to getting plenty of beauty rest. Even though it's Sunday I felt compelled to get an early start. Before the city wakes up New York is magical. I slipped down from the loft, careful not to make any noise.After finishing the necessary morning rituals, bathroom and email, it was time to gently tap the princess out of dreamland.

But why not give her five more minutes of rest and prepare her breakfast, I thought. The sound of the refrigerator door opening was enough to get my little girl standing in an upright position perched looking out from the loft watching my every move."Is she giving me enough wet food or just a lot of the dry, boring kibbles?" Chelsea was thinking. There was no way I was going to tip the scale, one spoon of wet and the rest dry.

Chelsea whimpered come get me, and I did, carrying her down. The steps are steep and narrow and after a few attempts, it was apparent that yours truly would be her transportation up and down from the loft. No big deal for me but Ms. Independent isn't to thrilled about it.

Now dressed, fed and ready to hit the streets. I've been lax about exercise, mine and Chelsea's. Afterall, now that Chelsea has a career both in front of the camera and operating a camera, it's important that she stays fit. But with my bum heel jogging is out of the question. But not riding my bike. Training Chelsea to run alongside, on one side and not cross in front and keep a steady speed going, not stopping at every tree is a challenge. A challenge we are still working on. I led us to a pier where at this early hour it would be unusual to see even one person.That's where Chelsea and I took off. "Come on, honey, run, Chelsea, run," and she did. She ran and ran and didn't stop to sniff, pee, or stall. We made this a round trip, and ended up where we started. Panting heavily it was time for some Evian water. Chelsea adores bottled water.

All stirred up Chelsea delivered a huge number two. Thank God, because she was a bit constipated these last few days. Then she looked at me and I knew it was time for a ride. I lifted her and place her in her basket on the bike and we took off. The trip ended quicker than expected because the sky began opening up with heavy rain. We made a U-turn and headed home. At least Chelsea got her exercise in. What's Chelsea is doing now I not certain. Probably pissed off that I left her home. It's so hard to get away from her. That damn leash she keeps me on is pretty short. Later, gotta go.

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